Trump Foreign Policy Advisor: ‘Americans Are Fed up With the BS’

refugees syria

SPIEGEL ON-LINE – “We’re speaking about three incredibly stupid decisions. The first one was the invasion in Iraq. They said there was a nuclear weapons thing, but we were actually responding to the attack of 9/11. All of a sudden, somebody threw in this other, like, “Hey, maybe we can use this as an excuse (…) And then you have the Libya intervention. You look at Libya, and you go, “Jesus, why the hell did we do that?” That’s beyond stupid.”



  1. #1 by Eric Swan on 07/19/2016 - 10:14 am

    “Flynn: If she was offended by it, she was offended by it. That’s the business. But the point was the really incredibly poor decisions when it comes to allowing this unbelievable, unprecedented refugee crisis that’s going on in Europe. Why are these people rushing to the beauty and strength of Europe and to the United States and not rushing to their own capitals or the capitals of the Muslim world? We ought to be pushing back. We ought to be putting people back on these boats and putting them back into the places where they came from and telling these leaders in the Arab world, “You have a responsibility as well.” I don’t think that Europe responded in a way that they should have responded, and I think that’s what Mr. Trump was reacting to.”

    BS! The countries responsible for upsetting the balances of power on the ME & Libya – principally the US, Israel & NATO – should be offering haven to all refugees fleeing the violence and upheaval they initiated!!

  2. #2 by yep on 07/19/2016 - 11:07 am

    You look at Libya, and you go, “Jesus, why the hell did we do that?” That’s beyond stupid “….because the zionistjews made you do it, everyone knows that this is the big push for a greater zionistjew israel, and the jews were jealous of gaffidi, period

  3. #3 by Isaac on 07/20/2016 - 3:56 pm

    The refugee crisis is a NATO made crisis. Just think about this: How is it possible that all those refugees living in their countries and after being bombarded the hell out of their cities by “NATO” and lost everything they had. How in the world they could afford a trip in masses from the ME to Europe?. Who funded, fed, aided, them?. Do not tell me that Bashar Al-Assad gave them money to leave Syria.

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