TURKEY – Erdogan ready to restore regional peace together with Iran and Russia


Ed-note (Sabba) – Erdogan is talking the talk… Will he walk the walk and get out of NATO, kick out all the US migrants… err sorry,  occupiers, close the US Embassy and, most importantly, close the jewish embassy? I doubt it: according the israeli press, he even thanked Netanyahu for having sided by him during this crisis. And as bad as the US are, they are nowhere as bad as the jewish state itself.

Erdogan had willingly signed a deal with satan and his synagogue and seems to realize now that it was a  one-way street agreement, signed on the Kol Nidre principle, like everything the jewish West does. He knows he is the next Saddam and is only trying to save his skin. But History has shown us that none of those who ally themselves with the jewish Western world has ever got out of it alive.   

Yehudi Arabia will be next.


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