Regional War Looms As “Kurdistan” Cross The Euphrates


And this partly explains Erdogan’s sudden change of heart and his desire of a rapprochement with Syria, Iran and of course Russia.  


  1. #1 by Maisoon on 07/23/2016 - 3:14 pm

    No, Erdogan has always worked with the Israelis and the CIA who after all got him out of jail and installed him as leader of their Turkey.
    Do YOU seriously believe that SYRIANS will ever FORGIVE the ZIONIST Erdogan for what he has done to their country and the suffering HE has wrought on their ancient nation and people.??
    Erdogan and his buddies in Tel Aviv, Riyadh, London, Paris and Washington, .,Berlin can all go to hell.
    He ‘makes up’ with Israel [not having really fallen out at all] and hey ho what happens- a ‘COUP’ ensues!!
    I suspect Turkey was offered a part of Syria in exchange for allowing a Kurdistan on other parts of divided Syria and Iraq where Erdogan was hoping the Turkish Kurds would be transferred to- into their new Israeli Kurdistan. Turks have always laid claim to parts of Syria where there are a Turkic ethnic group, just like the Kurds- neither of them LOYAL to their HOST country- ancient Syria
    Erdogan betrayed and dishonoured those 9 Turks murdered by Israel and Hamas are DUMB and stupid praising this phony Muslim, a ZIONIST member of the Masonic Muslim Brotherhood that is as evil as the Wahabis. who has been all talk, no substance when to came to Gaza. he lies and deceives and has maintained his friendship with his fellow Jewish friend Shimon Peres wit whom he did his phony political theatrics at Davos a few years back.
    Turkey has been ruled by Donmeh Jews since the time of the Shabaath Svi Jew-Ataturk so don’t expect anything Islamic or gracious from today’s Turkey
    ISRAEL probably told Erdogan to mend fences with Netanyahu’s friend Putin.
    Syria can NEVER forgive Erdogan and Davitoglu, both Zionist Turks for their part in Holocausting Syria

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