UK – Baroness Tonge: ‘Israel is creating terrorists with a justified grudge’


THE JEWISH CHRONICLE – Baroness Tonge has accused Israel of being responsible for the rise of Islamist terrorism and Daesh. The life peer told the House of Lords that Israel was provoking a generation of violent extremists who would have “a justified grudge” against Israel and Britain.

Baroness Tonge resigned as a Liberal Democrat peer in 2012 after saying Israel would “not last forever” and would eventually “lose support, and then they will reap what they have sown”.

Speaking in a Lords debate today on the conditions and health of Palestinian children, the Baroness, who is still a Lib Dem member, told the chamber: “My lords, the treatment of the Palestinians by Israel is a major cause of the rise of extreme Islamism and Daesh.”

After detailing alleged killings of Palestinian youths by Israeli soldiers, she said: “I assure you that the great danger for Israel is that by treating children in this way, they are creating a generation of terrorists who will have a justified grudge against Israel and the countries that support her.”

She also rejected claims that the Palestinian Authority had incited its citizens to commit terrorist acts.

“The children of Palestine do not need to be told to react to what is happening around them,” she said.

Lord Hamilton, who served as Armed Forces Minister under Margaret Thatcher and John Major, rejected the comments during the debate.

He spoke about “schools on the West Bank, where the rhetoric is a very nasty form of antisemitism, the kind of thing we associate with Nazi Germany.

“They liken Jews to vermin, as the Nazis used to do in Germany. The result of this radicalisation is that a number of young Palestinians have actually found their way into Israel proper and murdered Israelis.”

The Conservative peer added: “One has to accept that because of the problems of Hamas deciding to readily declare war on Israel, despite being given back the territory of Gaza in which to live, that there is certain reluctance in Israel to go ahead with a two-state solution that may create an enormous security problem for its own citizens.”

Lord Palmer, Middle East adviser to Lib Dem leader Tim Farron and Lib Dem Friends of Israel vice-president, said: “Palestine ranks 113th out of 188 nations with the human development index. This is roughly the same as Egypt and is the average for Arab states.

“Are we going be having a debate on the other 188 nations, some of which I have described?”

The two-hour debate was called by Lord Warner, a former senior policy adviser to Jack Straw.

Marie van der Zyl, Board of Deputies vice-president, said: “Another House of Lords debate and another outrageous speech from Baroness Tonge on the Middle East.

“It is time for Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron to expel her once and for all from the party.”

  1. #1 by mothman777 on 07/23/2016 - 5:01 am

    Farron, another Jewish name, and so it goes on.

  2. #2 by rehmat1 on 07/23/2016 - 6:56 am

    The Jewish Chronicle distorted the 2-hour debate at the House of Lords to serve Israeli agenda.

    The Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron is a evangelic Christian, but like 47% of fellow Brits dislikes ‘Jewish favorite’ homosexuality.

    The debate: “This House takes note of the conditions in which Palestinian children are living and the impact on their health and wellbeing”, was moved by Lord Norman Reginald Warner (Christian), former health minister, who represented Labour party at the House of Lords since July 29, 1998. Last year he quit Labour party over Jeremy Corbyn leadership. In his opening speech he said: “Let me begin with Gaza, whose children have experienced three military invasions in six years. I saw the destruction wreaked in Gaza after the first two invasions but have been prevented from entering Gaza to see the results of the third. The blockade following it has prevented major reconstruction and Gaza’s children now see themselves sentenced to a lifelong collective prison sentence. During the 2014 Gaza conflict, Save the Children found that “551 children were killed”, compared with one Israeli child, and 3,436 were injured, of whom 10% suffered permanent disability as a result.”

  3. #3 by harryshade on 07/23/2016 - 12:42 pm

    The Bariness is to be congratulated for her courage to defend the defenceless children of Palestine. Shame on the puppets of Israel who have “enobled” so many Zionists to the House of Lords (out of all proportion to the number of Jews in UK).

  4. #4 by Maisoon on 07/23/2016 - 2:41 pm

    I disagree with Baroness Tonge as what she infers is that due to the political and military position of Israel, blowback has occurred and given rise to the growth of so called Islamic Terrorists. SORRY that is both disingenuous and not based on reality. These Terrorist Groups and attacks are nothing to do with seeking revenge against the West. Nothing. These Terrorists were DELIBERATELY CREATED by the USSRAELI Intelligence Mafia- CIA/Mossad and MI5 and were TRAINED and Armed by them, funded by the Jewish Saudi Wahabis- these Terrorists are their latest KILLING Apparatus, having already used WMDS, Fighter Jets etc to blow up the Arab world to smithereens and turn into the New Middle East that Zionist Condi Rice spoke of- which in reality is America and Israel’s new GRAVEYARD for Arabs, especially MUSLIMS who make up the majority of the Victims.

    I am sick to death of analysts blubbering on and on about blowback, Muslim revenge, Muslims angry at Western policies and so they resort to Terrorism mantra- THAT is not who these Terrorists are fighting for, Butchering fellow Muslims and Christian Arabs. These are deliberate creations to demonise, besmirch the Islamic faith, to incite racial hatred against all Arabs and Muslims in order to make them the most hated people in the world who see them as barbaric and violent-
    CUI BONO- THAT is ISRAEL and The JEWS’ Goal.
    Baroness means well but she is sadly an apologist for the Jews and does not see the real Ugly Beast behind the Terrorism plaguing our world today
    Cold calculated intentionally created Terrorist Mercenaries working on behalf of and NOT due to Israel’s Foreign Policies and Military actions
    Muslims should wake up to the realisation that this is the Jewish war against Islam and they would do well to listen to Shaikh Imran

  5. #5 by ml on 07/24/2016 - 1:02 am

    Baroness tongue – daesh is usrahell. You speak with a forked tongue, hence your name.

  6. #6 by ml on 07/24/2016 - 1:06 am

    “My lords, the treatment of the Palestinians by Israel is a major cause of the rise of extreme Islamism and Daesh.”

    This is pure bs.

    Daesh is western contsruct. Are we supposed to believe the is tongue woman is sincere? Wake up, oh for God’s sake !!!!!!!!!!!

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