Jewish Control of the Christian West a Fait Accompli 126 Years Ago


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  1. #1 by jgalindes on 07/27/2016 - 9:34

    Catholic Church use to be combative.But it has been drifting from the true path from the sixth century onwards.Until well into the 13th century,with St.Thomas the Aquinate,we may consider it the standard-bearer of Jesus teachings and morals.

    The steady advance of jewish power,through the use of occult knowledge ,the Talmud and Kabbalah teachings infiltrated and corrupted christian minds during renaissance.
    After Pope Leo X (Medici),printing machinery helped jews and mislead christians to “mass” produce jewish literature and around 1550 there were no less than 35 rabbies and “sages” teaching hebrew in leading european universities.

    The protestant “heresy” is a direct byproduct of that hectic period.

    More or less at the same moment,subterranean secret societies reminiscent of the old ages heresies,the Templars and gnostic hermetism made their appearance.We must not forget that not a single heresy escaped from kabbalistic influence.

    Jews ,being a rebelious accursed people since the Cross,directed all subsequent secret societies against its principal enemy : the Catholic Church.

    In 1717 british freemasonry was established amalgamating at least four separate obediencies and prompted Pope Clement XII to issue the first warning against the diabolic fraternity.Followed by Pio IX,Leo XIII and Pio X with copious denunciations and supplications.

    From Clement times,many learned writters explained in as many books the hidden whereabouts of the occult “muratoria”.More importantly most of the authors listed below stated crystal clearly that masonry was a heavily perverted esoteric cult,a religion with dogmas and rituals directly linked with jewish kabbalah and that from a certain point,jews lead the secret societies in the shadows.

    We may mention:Augustin Barruel, Emmanuel Barbier, Umberto Benigni, Paul Boulin, Pierre de
    Clorivière, Augustin Cochin, Paul Copin-Albancelli, Jacques Crétineau-Joly, Henri Coston, Henri Delassus, Nicolas Deschamps, Vittorio De Bernardi, Andrea Dalle Donne, Paul Drach, Raymond Dulac, Bernard Fay, Florido Giantulli, Réginald Garrigou-Lagrange,Roger Gougenot des Mousseaux, Ernest Jouin, friars Lemann, Léon Meurin, Julio Meinvielle, Albert Monniot, Charles Nicoullaud, Jean-Baptiste Pitra, Léon de Poncins, Antonino Romeo, Emmanuel Ratier,Francesco Spadafora,y more recently the abbot Curzio Nitoglia .

    Nothing stopped Judeo-Masonry advance.The last stroke was the organized take over of the II Vatican Council from New York based American Jewish Committee (AJC) and the efficient services of Agustin Cardinal Bea,a crypto-jew free-mason.

    Today we may infer that Judeo-freemasonry are the movers and shakers of the world.But please pay attention.

    We are not here speaking of the national somewhat provincial masonic lodges and obediences,those regularly perceived as powerful business clubs .Not really,we are talking about the 36 transnational Super Lodges UR,split among them into two tendencies:
    The aristocratic-oligarchic´feudal lodges,such as HATHOR PENTALPHA,A VIDICTIVE AND BLOOD THIRSTY ,UNCONTROLLABLE LODGE,probably behind the hienous terrorism consuming the Middle East and Europe at this moment.

    And of course hegelian dialectic commands another kind of lodges more “democratic and progressive”,followers of the “glorious French Revolution”.
    According to certain unsatisfied masons,there is a permanent fight between both groups ,the results being the millions of inocent people killed every day.

    Of course,jews are almost at the end of their long and carefully crafted plan.There are no doubts in any sane mind,that the cherised ambition of controlling world riches is almost complete.In the meantime huge profits are being accrued through the industrial-military complex and the snearing of otherwise seemingly powerful incipient nations like China.

    Last friday,just to give an example,chinese premier Li Kequiang had a round table meeting with with the chiefs of the main international economic and financial institutions .They discussed economic growth, structural reform, employment, finance and trade.The financial leaders included World Bank President Jim Yong Kim, International Monetary Fund Managing Director Christine Lagarde, World Trade Organization Director General Roberto Azevedo, International Labor Organization Director General Guy Ryder,Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development Secretary-general Angel Gurria,and Financial Stability Board Chairman Mark Carney.

    But it happens that Lagarde is initiated into Super Lodges UR “Thee Eyes” and “Pan-Europe”;José Angel Gurria,(born 1950),a Mexican,initiated into Super Lodges UR “Three Eyes” and “Geburah” and Mark Carney,(born 1965),UK,initiated into Super Lodges UR “Edmund Burke”,”Compass Star-Rose/Rosa Stella Ventorum”.

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