The rape of 41 Tunisian children by a French national


Sabba – This is surprising as Tunisia is more known for being an incredible magnet for western lonely women, married or single, in search or in need of ‘adventure and a good time’. There even are special resorts just for them, where most of the staff members are males with strict instructions to do whatever these women pay for. 

Even though Tunisia seems to be catching up, Morocco does remain THE African capital for western pedophiles. Stories like this one and worse than this one are reported almost on a weekly basis on French speaking Moroccan papers. Never a word though on western media. Never.


  1. #1 by michael walsh on 07/27/2016 - 9:34

    Wartime un-elected Prime Minister Winston Churchill was a notorious paedophile. Media claimed he went to Morocco to enjoy the climate, an opportunity to relax. No, we went there because he liked to sodomise small boys. Such practice was commonplace in his circles.

  2. #2 by michael walsh on 07/27/2016 - 9:34

    Winston Churchill constantly visited Morocco. Media claimed he liked the climate, an opportunity to relax. No, he went there because sodomising small boys was tolerated. This practice was commonplace in his circles.

  3. #3 by Hassan on 07/28/2016 - 9:34

    In Hotel La Mamouniya in Marakech there is a room refered to as ”Churchhill’s room with his hat hanging” probably the room where he had his adventures.

  4. #4 by Ryan Hodgson on 08/26/2016 - 9:34

    Sabba. I assume your post is sarcasm – about Tunisia.
    If you are making a sarcastic comment, you have to say so => like in brackets (sarcasm)
    On the internet, on a message board, it’s too hard to discern a writer’s intentions.
    Your comment can mean 10 different things to ten different people.

  5. #5 by Sabba on 08/26/2016 - 9:34

    No Ryan, I was not sarcastic at all.
    Tunisia is known for being a hot spot for single western women who go there specifically for sex holidays.
    Go to Hammamet or Djerba and you will see the despicable spectacle western women above a certain age give.
    The average rate for one hour of sex is EUR100.

    But Tunisia is not the only place: in fact, the most popular places for single western women in their late 40s/50s, especially women of Nordic countries and Germany are the Caribbean islands.
    These divorced/career women go there for that, paying up to $5oo for an hour of sex with the only men on earth who are still willing to have sex with them.

    There are ‘Women only’ resorts in the Caribbean (Cuba, Barbados, Antigua) and also in Latin America (Venezuela) which offer the ‘boyfriend experience’, meaning that women book a hotel room for a certain period of time and the hotel will provide them with a man – the ‘boyfriend’ – who will ‘move in’ with them in their room and do with them the kind of stuff lovers do for the whole duration of their stay. These men are there to do everything these women want and as often as they want it.
    There is of course a whole bunch of men to choose from and the women get to pick and choose the one they want when they check in. There is no limit on how many ‘boyfriends’ they can have, as long as they pay. And they do pay.
    It is much cheaper than to pay a man for the hour.

    And while western women go to Arabic countries and the Caribbean to find someone who is willing to sleep with them, single western men tend to go to Asia more and also Latin America.
    There also are resorts who offer the ‘girlfriend experience’ for their male only clientele.

    Western pedophiles go to Morocco and South East Asia.

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