A Trip Down Memory Road: Were These Hamas Terrorist Chickens Firing Rockets?


This morning, when I was working on my post on Palestine, I stumbled across this old piece I posted in 2009 right after Operation Cast Lead. I remember how fresh my anger was at the time, my helpless fury over the hell of Gaza. The wickedness of Israeli war tactics were still relatively unknown to me at the time. The situation in Palestine was still relatively uncharted territory for me.

Soon after this original posting, Ken O’Keefe brought international attention to the situation of the al-Samouni family; if you recall, Israel killed 49 members of the Samouni family, after soldiers ordered them to gather into a single home, which was shelled several hours later. Wikipedia refers to the massacre of this family as part of  “the Zeitoun incident” ~ as if this slaughter of innocents were just happenstance.

In this photo essay, the terrorist chickens and the families who cared for them lived just down the road from the al-Samouni family ~ so close that it is no stretch of the imagination to believe that the wives of the farmers drank coffee together, their children playing together in that once beautiful, fertile countryside. (The Jews claim they made the Palestinian desert bloom! As IF!)

If you are in the mood to “reminisce”, please head to: Were These Hamas Terrorist Chickens Firing Rockets?

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