FRANCE – “French” jews comprise largest number of foreign IDF volunteers in 2016


While they would rather die than serve one day in the armies of their host countries.

JERUSALEM POST – The largest number of foreign volunteers to the IDF have come, for the second year in a row, from France, the Defense Ministry announced on Wednesday. French citizens will comprise 45 percent of the total foreign volunteers to the IDF in 2016, compared to 29% from the US and 5% from the UK.

In total, there will be close to 500 volunteers from 21 countries beginning service in the IDF this year, most of whom will formally enlist in August.

Approximately 80% of them will serve in combat infantry units for at least 18 months, although many extend their service beyond this time.

Before enlistment, volunteers and new immigrants joining the IDF will take a preparatory course run by the Defense Ministry’s Security and Society Department to prepare them physically and mentally for military enlistment.

The course is a relatively new program and includes hikes, physical training, meetings with IDF officers, excursions around the country, visits to Israel heritage sites and museum tours.

The course participants also meet with Israelis from across the societal spectrum, improve their Hebrew and are generally prepared for life as a soldier, as well as learning about their various rights as lone soldiers without family in the country.

Separately, two young immigrants have been staging a two-man protest outside the IDF headquarters at the Kiriyiah in Tel Aviv and, on Wednesday, in the Knesset, in an effort to enlist to the IDF.

Navon Kaplan, who immigrated to Israel from Texas in 2011, began IDF service more than a year and a half ago, and served in the Iron Dome. He was however required to end his service after he put on too much weight. Kaplan subsequently lost 45kg and is now fit again and wishes to complete his military service, but the the IDF enlistment department says he is now too old to serve, even though his Iron Dome unit has insisted they want to take him back.

“I want to serve in the IDF, to defend the state and lead soldiers,” said Kaplan, who added that he would prefer to join his comrades still serving in the Iron Dome, but is willing to consider other possibilities as well.

Philipe Rodriquez, immigrated to Israel a year ago from Sydney, Australia after his entire family converted to Judaism, but has also faced difficulties in enlisting due to his age.

Rodruigez, who is athletic and fit, is still campaigning to enlist, and said that he would prefer to serve in the Givati or Golani brigades, but is also willing to be flexible.

The two men met recently with Deputy Defense Minister Eli Ben Dahan who said that he would help them enlist, and also visited the Knesset on Wednesday to further their lobbying efforts.

“I am full of pride to see you, your motivation, and your great dedication to the Jewish people,” Ben-Dahan told them.

“You are an example to Jews around the world and for youth in the State of Israel, and I hope I will succeed you in realizing your dreams to serve in the IDF.”

Ben-Dahan is also leading efforts to amend the law determining various rights for soldiers who have completed their IDF service, originally passed in 1994.

At present, demobilized soldiers receive a financial deposit from the state of up to NIS 25,000 depending on the length and nature of their military service, to use for various different purposes, including education, paying for a wedding or a home, buying a car, and other possibilities.

This money must be used in the first seven years after finishing IDF service, otherwise it reverts to a state fund for disadvantaged soldiers. 

In the Knesset’s winter session, Ben-Dahan will introduce legislation to increase the amount of time a soldier has to make use of this money, as well as to increase the range of different purposes for which it can be used.

  1. #1 by Guillaume Dohmen on 07/31/2016 - 9:34

    And the France wonders why it is attacked, not by terrorist but by resistance fighters.

  2. #2 by mothman777 on 07/31/2016 - 9:34

    @ Guillaume Donmeh

    Resistance fighters? You must be blind.

    The IDF work WITH ISIS, or haven’t you heard?

    Israeli commandos rescue wounded ISIS members from the battlefield and take them to Israeli hospitals for surgery, then return them to the battlefield for military service when they have recovered from their wounds, because they work to protect and expand the territory of Eretz Israel, and are not true Muslims, but Kharijites, regarded as apostates by real Muslims, and those apostates are willing to kill others, including Palestinian Christians and Muslims, and Muslims, Yazidis and Christians elsewhere, and even blow themselves up in suicide attacks, to serve Judaism and Israel, because that is the belief system that those apostates have most in common with. There have been many Kharijites living in the West already for many decades to swell the ranks of recruits.

    As the Jewish Israeli Mossad motto states, “By way of deception, thou shalt do war”, so the Kharijites do, by posing as Muslims when they do what they do for Israel and all the other Jews of the world.

    Ill-educated, borderline ESN and brainwashed ordinary Muslims may sometimes join ISIS, as well as those prepared by intensive brainwashing in such American hypno-command centres as Abu Ghraib and elsewhere, but any real Muslim in the street is perfectly aware that ISIS are not real Muslims, despite ‘opinion polls’ conducted by the MSM showing how huge percentages of Muslims support the aims of ISIS, which I consider to be faked, judging also by my own personal experience in talking to Muslims of all types in the street.

    After all, as I am a private individual, a Muslim would be more likely to open up to me than some state-controlled newspaper or television crew, so when Muslims are stated to have openly admitted their sympathies with ISIS in front of a state-controlled news reporter, or state-sponsored opinion poll, I simply do not find the ‘results’ of those polls credible, as i have not come across a single Muslim yet who either accepts ISIS as Muslim, or as doing anything related to Islam.

    In fact, real Muslims are completely savvy that ISIS is working for Israel and Jewish world hegemony, and that is the REAL truth of the matter, that our traitorous Jewish politicians in the West work very carefully to cover up, so they can extort more taxes from the gullible and brainwashed Gentiles, with which more arms can be purchased for these ISIS (Daesh) terrorists working as proxies for the Jews, to help bring about world conquest by the Jews, as has been called for several times on documented record by senior rabbis and other Jews.

    The job of ISIS in the West is to create a war psychosis against Muslims, which is by arrangement of the Jews, suiting their sinister purposes entirely, and the Jewish politicians keep piling as many Muslims as they can into the West, along with terrorists posing as Muslims, until something snaps in a very big way, and they are working at a frenetic pace to make that very thing happen, as the Jews are absolutely intent on making Gentiles kill each other.

    Think of Isaiah, where Yahweh says he He will make Egyptian brother fight against Egyptian brother, and kingdom against kingdom, same hypno-command structure, and Jesus repeats that in the New Testament, where he says brother will kill brother, etc etc, using the same manipulative black magic mind control techniques to produce homicidal psychosis. And that has been Judaism for thousands of years, evil, intent simply on annihilating all non-Jews in the end, when the Jews have finished milking them like cattle for what they can get out of them.

  3. #3 by Omar Mohammed on 07/31/2016 - 9:34

    Imagine the outrage if an Arab or Muslim French citizen joined a foreign army.

  4. #4 by NAIMA ELLOUZI on 07/31/2016 - 9:34

    You are killing children ! we already know you are doing and you are doing worse
    you are sowing crimes and sorrow you will harvest death and devastation
    we are sowing life and hope we will harvest peace and love
    you are killing children we already know and you are doing worse
    we are saving these childrem if we succeed to save them from your crrime with God will we thanks God and they will growing up and will be a great soldiers and they will beat you and if we did not succeed to save them and you killed them we must not be sorry because they are martyrs for the sake of the true and they are birds of paradise and God will avenge them to you in this life and in the afterlife
    As you see we are the winner by all the way you want and we will be the winner what ever you will do

  5. #5 by nooralhaqiqa on 07/31/2016 - 9:34

    The most savage settlers come from abroad as well. Russia and the United States fulfill those quotas and have been for decades.

    These young people refuse to serve the goyim in their armies but they WILL go to fight for Israel against harmless Palestinian civilians. It is their Jewish right to spill blood but they want to assure they only spill that of goyim.

    Stop picking on them and face it; they are all just being a “good Jews”.

    Meanwhile, read what Mothman above has to say…. he kinda sums it up. Nicely.

  6. #6 by 5 dancing shlomos on 08/01/2016 - 9:34

    losers have to dedicate themselves to something
    might as well be

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