Why Does the U.S. Have the Right to Steal Our Lands?


“US citizens have become cold-hearted about the people around the world that ‘our government’ kills or steals land from for the Pentagon’s 1,000 imperial war bases (…) The people around the world are not holding their breath though – they know that the American people are largely arrogant and self possessed.  They do appreciate deeply those of us working for peace but they wish we’d be bolder in confronting our own corporate oligarchic structures.”


  1. #1 by Isaac on 07/31/2016 - 9:34

    More than 1000 US military bases around the world to keep every body in line. And they tell us that “Is to Defend Our Country”?. Too much waste, no wonder why the pentagon needs more and more money every year and its granted to them with no questions.

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