How They Do It–German university drops Palestine class amid ‘anti-Semitism’ claims


Seminar offered at a Hildesheim school reportedly justified terrorism, claimed Israel harvests organs of dead Palestinians

ed note–remember that the motto of Israel’s Mossad that ‘by way of deception, we shall make war’ is applied across all fronts and by all supporters of the Jewish state, including those working as unpaid sayanim. In such a paradigm therefore, in order to rob Gentiledom of the information it needs in order to fully understand the nature of the existential problem its members face vis a vis organized Jewish interests and their war of cultural & physical extermination against non-Jews, all information–including that which is 1000% verified, corroborated, etc, must be kept out of sight and thus out of mind, which includes those courses at prestigious universities dedicated to higher learning.

Remember as well that the ‘organ harvesting’ business which is the source of this Judaic screeching was verified by none other than Yehuda Hiss, a state-employed pathologist who was head of the Abu Kabir forensic institute in Israel who stated in an interview appearing on CNN as follows–

“We started to harvest corneas for various hospitals in Israel…Whatever was done was highly informal. No permission was asked from the families,’ and then went on to describe who the Israelis then harvested ‘heart valves, skin and bones’ from Palestinians who had been murdered by the Jewish state.

Times of Israel

A German university is ditching an upcoming seminar that claims Israel harvests the organs of dead Palestinians after local Jewish groups and faculty member accused the institution of promoting anti-Semitic and anti-Israeli content.

The University of Applied Sciences and Arts (HAWK) in the northern city of Hildesheim said Friday it is redesigning its teaching on the Middle East conflict and social work in the coming academic year.

The university on Friday announced the seminar “on the social situation of young people in Palestine” would be cancelled and replaced with a more general module on Middle East conflicts.

Earlier this week, the university defended the seminar, saying the course material “only serve[d] as reading materials and are used to train students in critical discourse,” but did not reflect its political views.

But after Germany’s Central Council of Jews, the Simon Wiesenthal Center and a faculty member voiced concern over the course’s anti-Semitic and anti-Israel content, HAWK decided to pull the seminar from the upcoming 2016-2017 semester.

“Anti-Semitism has no place at our university,” HAWK president Christiane Dienel said after the Friday announcement.

The course material was first exposed by religious studies professor Dr. Rebecca Seidler who last week complained to the university and local Jewish groups the course materials were hostile towards Jews and Israel.

Rather than addressing a variety of social conditions in the West Bank and Gaza, Seidler said the course readings focused solely on political and anti-Israel issues.

According to Seidler, the course featured topics such as ethnic cleansing of Palestine in 1948, histories of families with children who become suicide bombers and the empathy and understanding they got for it, articles alleging the Israeli military was robbing dead Palestinians of their body organs, and a collection of anti-Zionist statements.

Seidler also said the reading materials were not scholarly, but appeared to be taken from Wikipedia, from conspiracy theory blogs and other non-scientific sources.

Last week, Foreign Ministry spokesman Emmanuel Nahshon condemned the course in a statement to The Jerusalem Post, calling it “An ugly and outrageous demonstration of Jew-hatred. This is not a university, it is a hatred factory,” he said. “One would think that in Germany of all places people would understand the pernicious nature of hatred and racism under a pseudo academic guise.”

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    For a Jew, nothing is more insulting than the truth
    Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

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