France allots half a million dollars to save ‘oldest’ Jewish building in Europe


Sabba – At the same time, France is ordering the destruction of hundreds of churches, monasteries, convents every year. They are either turned into fast food restaurants, apartments, pubs, bars, brothels, car parks, supermarkets etc. Those which can not be sold are simply razed to the ground. 

All this is being done without anyone even flinching or whispering a word of complaint. And, in the worst case scenario, we have the people themselves welcoming such destruction of whatever is left of our Christian heritage.

And while they either shut it or welcome the destruction of Christian buildings when it is done by the jewish government now occupying France, they are usually the first to point the finger and blame “dem Mooozlems” for the destruction of our Christian heritage and identity.  


I-24 NEWS – France has earmarked around half a million dollars in order to rescue the Sublime House in a city northwest of Paris, thought to be Europe’s oldest known Jewish building, the JTA reports.

The structure, which is in Rouen and believed by some historians to have been home to a 12th century yeshiva, will see restoration works begin in October.

The building was discovered under the parking lot of Rouen’s courthouse in 1976 and immediately won recognition as one of the most important archaeological finds for the French Jewish community because of its age.

According to the JTA, the European Association for the Preservation and Promotion of Jewish Culture and Heritage lists it as “the oldest presently known Jewish building in Europe.”

The building was found with Hebrew inscriptions on its walls, including “May the Torah reign forever” and “This house is sublime,” the JTAsays. It was closed down between 2001 and 2009 over fears that it may be targeted by terrorists, or that the courthouse above it may meet a similar fate.

After its reopening, however, the humidity combined with a lack of adequate ventilation in the building meant that emergency repairs were needed in order to keep the structure standing.

Sixty-five percent of the $867,000 projected restoration costs are being covered by the French government and local municipality, the JTA reports, with the rest of the funds coming from grants and donations.

Rouen was a center of Jewish life in the Middle Ages, until France expelled its Jews in 1309. According to the JTA, there is some disagreement over what purpose the Sublime House served.

Some archaeologists say it was a private home belonging to wealthy members of the Jewish community, while others believe it was a synagogue.

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