Leaders of the World, Putinize!


RUSSIA INSIDER – Globalists, who want to be the only elite in the world, have forced different but in some ways similar countries to unite against them. How did this happen, and why has the President of Russia become a symbol of resistance to globalization.

How the globalists hung the Soviet elites out to dry

The collapse of the USSR was the greatest geopolitical catastrophe of the late 20th century, yet part of the Soviet elite had high hopes for it, having done everything they could to make it happen. The Soviet system did not allow them to fully enjoy the fruits of their positions, and Stalin’s imperfect system of checks and balances put their status at permanent risk.

The United States made a very good offer to the Soviet elite.Calling off the ideological confrontation, they would get rid of the socialist system, declaring it outdated, and in return, they would gain their “rightful” place as part of the future global world elite. This is how the Soviet Union met its untimely demise.

As early as 1992, it became clear that their American partners had left the gullible Russians out to dry, taking advantage of  human weakness to “solve the Russian issue once and for all” and become the sole world hegemon. The collapse of the Soviet Union was followed by war in Chechnya and the attempt to have Russia itself collapse into a number of conflicting or competing national and regional entities.

It was time for the elites to find a way out.

The Putin phenomenon

The rise of the current Russian leader and his characteristics are analyzed in many articles and books. I will mention a few.

Vladimir Putin is not a protester, nor  “heavenly punishment” for the system that brought down the USSR. He is the product of a sector that felt “cheated” and tried to restore the former Soviet status quo, without returning to the socialist system, which weighed on the elites in the 1980s. Thus, his efforts to build state capitalism, his reliance on the former Soviet elites who privatized Soviet property, with only Washington’s outright henchmen opposing him and eventually crushed.

To understand Vladimir Putin’s logic, we need to remember that he is a judoka. Judo is not simply a martial art, but first and foremost a philosophy. Here is a quote from Russian Wikipedia:

“Unlike boxing, karate, and other martial arts that place special emphasis on striking, the foundations of judo are throws, submission holds, grappling, and choking techniques on the ground. Strikes, and some of the most dangerous techniques are studied only as kata. Judo differs from other forms of wrestling (Greco-Roman, freestyle) by its reduced emphasis on physical strength and a wide variety of permitted techniques. With its important philosophical component, judo is based on three main principles: mutual welfare and benefit in order to achieve greater progress, the most efficient use of body and spirit, and “softness controls hardness. The judoka is traditionally expected to strive towards the goals of physical development, preparation for hand-to-hand combat, and consciousness, which requires discipline, perseverance, self-control, respect for etiquette, and understanding the relationship between success and the efforts necessary to achieve it.”

This is an apt description of Vladimir Putin’s leadership. In addition to style, one also needs a loading point, values and structures that can be built using the right style.

Who should be our allies? Traditionalists and Conservatives!

Finding the right loading point is very important. The question is not how to find the model (in this case, of a nation), that you like and that corresponds to your worldview. You need to find a matrix that enables you to achieve this goal using available resources — all this being consistent with the philosophy of judo. In other words, a matrix that would not fragment society but would help recruit enough external allies to help implement your program.

Today, if we examine the people Russia relies on abroad, we’ll see a significant, consistent trend. All, without exception are traditionalists, conservatives, and therefore, anti-globalists.

This logical sequence is very important. In any war, hot or cold, you have to understand who your enemy is and what your ultimate goal is. It’s obvious that Russia’s main enemy in the Third World War that has already begun is not the United States as a country, but the US elite, who consider themselves to be the “world government” of globalization.

Let’s recall the philosophy of judo: “The relationship between success and the effort necessary to achieve it.”

If Russia were to declare the United States as her enemy, this would antagonize the population, which though diverse, to a great extent hates a leadership that has ignored the country’s domestic problems, a parasite that leverages US power to solve its own problems. Putin the Judoka could not afford to let this opportunity go to waste.

There is a significant revolt against the globalist interests of the American elites, in the US and in Europe, as well as across the wider world. It’s the globalists who are the enemy, not the United States, the EU or any other entity. Just see how the European Union is tearing itself apart. In every country in Europe, enemies of a globalized world order, each and every one of whom are traditionalists and conservatives, are rising. Countries that were formerly strangling Russia are now faced with a schism within their own communities and are frantically scrambling – but miserably failing – to build a new matrix, with judo in its purest form the only possible outcome.

Traditional values, or What LGBT and ISIS have in common

The new transnational cultures and countercultures imposed on the world by the globalists, from “people with non-traditional sexual orientation” to ISIS, in fact, are doing the same thing –  destroying the traditional world as they prepare the arrival of one that is to be shared.

The LGBT “culture” was created to destroy decadent Europe, while for the religious East they created a fanatical ISIS (after “Al-Qaeda”).The idea of a global caliphate goes together with global values, the key word being “global”. The idea of bringing the world together is threatened by these “values”, creating a united front of resistance to a world so different, and yet so similar, driven by a common goal.

The “Putinization” of the world

Vladimir Putin has chosen a path of development for his country that is attractive to other leaders, and it’s not about imitation. More likely, similar problems call for similar solutions. Seeing your neighbor come out victorious from the same or a similar situation that you are now facing, you follow in his footsteps rather than trying to reinvent the wheel.

The first example, which is now in the spotlight, is the President of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. Setting aside our prejudices, we see that just like the President of Russia, he uses the traditions of his people as a springboard to fight for their place in the sun (with support from the local elites, none of whom are particularly eager to be crushed by the globalists). He spent his political career rooting out the Kemalists, who “betrayed the national interest” by being at the West’s beck and call. His Justice and Development Party is essentially a center-right traditionalist party, fundamentally no different from France’s Popular Front headed by Marine Le Pen, and other similar, though diverse, anti-globalists. All this makes them natural allies of Putin’s Russia.That is what pushed Erdogan back into “Moscow’s tight embrace”. It was the only possible outcome.

The second interesting, colorful, anti-globalist surfaced in the United States. Many people say the rise of Donald Trump is accidental or unique, but in fact, it is neither.

For decades, “traditional” Americans, who couldn’t care less about a Pax Americana, have not had a charismatic leader. They do not want to become the foundation of a new world order, they simply want their country to live the way it did under their grandfathers: rich, peaceful, and trouble-free. They do not need eternal war with everyone just so Wall Street fat cats can multiply their fortunes.

Hence Trump. Having announced his candidacy for the office of President as a Republican, Donald Trump literally exploded that party from the inside by showing how far removed the “leaders of the nation” are from the aspirations of ordinary people. After a brilliant campaign based on the idea of bringing America back to its old path, he crushed all his rivals and was recently nominated as the official candidate of one of the two main parties in the country.  

Trump is calling on the US to cast off the shackles of globalism and experience the same transformation that Russia experienced in the 1990s,regaining its industrial capacity and setting clear, realistic goals.

On its face, Erdoğan and Putin, and even more so Donald Trump and the President of Russia, have nothing in common. They do not try to be friends just for friendship’s sake. They do not profess boundless love for each other, but they do profess love for their respective countries. And their respective programs leave no room for the globalization that the Anglo-Saxon elites, who believe they are Chosen, have been building for several decades.

This is what unites such seemingly incompatible leaders.



  1. #1 by Cherylee Wilcox on 08/08/2016 - 9:34

    I’m definitely with President Vladimir Putin and his Russia.
    The USA is the enemy of the entire planet including their own citizens. The USA has invaded 77 sovereign countries since 1776. It’s invaded more than 22 in the last 30 years slaughtering more than 20 000 000 innocent civilians since the end of the World War 2. It’s a corrupt warmongering terrorist nation.

  2. #2 by Isaac on 08/08/2016 - 9:34

    With a leader like Putin the country of Russia will be the greatest country on earth due to the spiritual approach he is giving to solve the most menacing problems. He is a Christian Orthodox contrary to the Godless and diabolical leaders of the west who have converted every country into an insatiable population of materialistic lovers. The west is controlled by diabolical forces and the main purpose of Judaism is to destroy all the moral values of our societies and turn us into slaves working only for the masters, the tribe.

  3. #3 by James Benn on 08/08/2016 - 9:34

    “On its face, Erdoğan and Putin, and even more so Donald Trump … have nothing in common… They do not profess boundless love for each other, but they do profess love for their respective countries. And their respective programs leave no room for the globalization that the Anglo-Saxon elites, who believe they are Chosen, have been building for several decades.”

    A curious way for the Russian Insider to close out his analysis. Anglo-Saxon elites? Chosen? What is he talking about? We KNOW who regard themselves as ‘Chosen’. And we KNOW who is intent upon ‘globalization’. And for a lot longer than ‘several decades’.

    The Zionazist program for domination and ‘New World Ordure’ has been around at least since the mid 1800s. i.e. Round about the time the Rotshites and their acolytes emerged as undisputed kings of Europe. Nathan Rotshite had already, famously, taken control of the London ‘Bourse’ thanks to inside info regarding the Napoleonic Wars which he helped foment. That despicable act led him to take a controlling interest in the ‘Bank of England’ (sic)…

    “Give me control of a nation’s money and I care not who makes it’s laws” — Mayer Amschel Bauer Rothschild

    Charming. Quite charming.

    The character of the Jewish financier / finagler has always been ‘internationalist’…

    “When a government is dependent upon bankers for money, they and not the leaders of the government control the situation, since the hand that gives is above the hand that takes. Money has no motherland; financiers are without patriotism and without decency; their sole object is gain.” ― Napoléon Bonaparte

    The Russian Insider must surely know this. So why does he NOT call a spade a spade?! On the other hand, he calls Putin, Trump and even Erdoğan nationalists. And as such, naturally opposed to the interests of the ‘globalists’ who want to impose a world-wide bankstering tyranny based on usury, with their Jewish point men in all the key positions of power, and goyisher gofers doing all the leg work. Zen ze drim shell phinally cum trooo!!!!

    The question on everyone’s lips is … are Putin and Trump true nationalists? Or are they just Judas Goats leading the quivering masses to their slaughter?

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