Could the Deep State Be Sabotaging Hillary?


ed note–a very interesting and well done piece. The only disagreement I would have with it is that I believe there is a war taking place within the ‘deep state’ between those saner elements described herein and those who are indeed wedded to the notion of perpetual wars and managed chaos around the world.

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  1. #1 by nooralhaqiqa on 08/11/2016 - 9:34

    98 to 1 … spending on publicity by Hillary as compared to Trump.

    At the moment, that seems to be the odds of finding complimentary editorial images of Trump, Hillary is everywhere and VERY LITTLE of it is kind. I do not think America has ever had such an unpleasant, burdened-by-failures candidate “offering” to settle in to the Oval Office.

    It is painful but she ALMOST makes Bush the Baby look… well… ok. Thing is, the people KNOW what they are getting with her whereas Baby Bush still had the surprise factor on his side.

  2. #2 by James Benn on 08/12/2016 - 9:34

    Well I dunno … There’s a lot of mentions of ‘Deep State’ and ‘Imperial Project’ in this article without any attempt to explain or define what those capitalized entities might be. We are swimming in the dark waters of complete conjecture here. But reading between the lines, our interlocutor, Charles Hugh Smith, seems to hew to the Cold War view that the ‘Deep State’ is, at the end of the day and going down of the sun, an all-Americana ‘imperial’ project. That tired old Chomskian canard. It’s all about Yanklandian ‘imperial’ interests, ya know.

    Charles seems to think that the ‘Deep State’ might have turned sour on the neoconisticals as ‘a disaster for American interests’. So we’re back to ‘American interests’. And what are those American interests? Well, according to Charles, the ‘Deep State’ is interested in ‘energy, food security, economic and military innovation and a productive response to climate change’. And again in the next paragraph … ‘diplomacy, cultural influence, energy, food security, economic innovation and successful responses to climate change’.

    Well that all sounds rather worthy on the part of the ‘Deep State’, does it not? Despite the fact that we know ‘climate cccchange’ to be a croc of manure. And, ummm, why has the ‘Deep State’ spent the last 15 years waging incessant wars in the Middle East and creating a massive refugee crisis with which to swamp Europa and the New World?

    The one thing that does sound plausible is that the ‘Deep State’ has decided to pull the plug on Hillarious Hillary before she pulls the plug on herself. Ok, they wanted a ‘bisex’ female president in the wake of the first gay black president with a tranny wife. But Hillary, and indeed Bill, seems to be falling apart before our eyes before she even gets to the presidential race. Her health is shot. On the face of it, she is not long for this world. So maybe, just maybe, the cooler heads closer to the top of the pyramid have decided that Trump – white, male, and straight as he would appear to be – is the man to proceed with the agenda. Or maybe, just maybe, that was the intent all along?

    What cannot be in doubt is that the agenda has very little to do with an all-Americana ‘Imperial Project’ and EVERYTHING to do with the ‘Jew World Ordure’ of fable and legend. It is writ in the holy book after all. Not to mention, splattered all over the ‘Federal Reserve Note’. Novus Ordo Mundi, anyone?

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