Celtic face yet another UEFA rap as fans defy pleas and fly Palestine flags

DAILY RECORD – CELTIC face another UEFA rap after their fans flew Palestine flags during the Champions League clash with Israelis Hapoel Beer Sheva. It is the ninth time in just five years Hoops supporters have landed their club in trouble with European football rulers.

UEFA forbid political expressions in football and the waving of the Palestinian standard is seen as especially provocative given the opposition.

Police Scotland this week urged fans not to make a statement in the first-leg playoff– and warned them they faced being arrested.

Celtic fans controversial banner displayed by the Green Brigade featuring William Wallace and Bobby Sands during the Milan match

But those pleas fell on deaf ears and now Celtic face yet another fine – or even part closure of their stadium in European competition.

It’s the latest misdemeanour by Hoops supporters who have cost their club more than £100,000. It’s also the second time they have been fined for supporters flying Palestinian flags – the first coming against KR Reykjavik in 2014.

Celtic fans hold up Palestine flags before kick-off in the Beer Sheva clash


  1. #1 by Omar Mohammed on 08/17/2016 - 9:34

    Its strange that Celtic have an Israeli player in their team called Nir Bitton, he also took part in the IDF (given their pro-Palestine stance it is odd).

  2. #2 by Mustacq Abdullah on 08/17/2016 - 9:34

    You cannot change the mind of a thinking people. No matter how hard you propagate an ideology or a false flag, truth will surface through microscopic holes in your lies. No matter the sophistication of Goögle to obliterate Palestine from Google maps, Palestine will forever rise.

  3. #3 by duncan lucas on 08/17/2016 - 9:34

    The Israeli player was made a part of the team by the management(Celtic Football Club ) NOT the fans . If you look at Glasgow Rangers Football Club a predominately Protestant religion club , it has had Catholic players in its squad even though the fans arent of that religion . You have to understand the Glasgow mind set , they dont like condemning a single player in a squad just because of religion but a major issue like Palestine is a different matter , dont worry Glasgow is PRO PAlestine, even the city council is for Palestine . I am a Glaswegian and I am in contact with Palestinian freedom organizations. Your cause is Righteous !

  4. #4 by PJ London on 08/17/2016 - 9:34

    “Face being arrested”? On what charge?
    What they should do is investigate the background of every Israeli player, and where justified, take out arrest warrants on grounds of ‘Human rights abuses’.

  5. #5 by Mary Louise on 08/18/2016 - 9:34

    Glasgow Celtic FC’s fans support for Palestine probably has its explanation in the wider context of sectarian rivalry between them and their arch-rivals, Glasgow Rangers FC.
    It can also be traced to the broader issue of the Northern Ireland Loyalist versus Nationalist conflict. Below is a link to an article which effectively demonstrates this:


  6. #6 by PJ London on 08/18/2016 - 9:34

    Whilst it is nice to read all the comments on the support for the Palestinian cause, one should remember that this is a GLASGOW FOOTBALL CLUB.
    The main purpose of the fans is to really get up the nose of the opposition. If a Syrian club was to play against Celtic, the fans would wave ISIL banners. If it was ‘The Muslim Brotherhood’ then you would not be able to see the pitch for Israeli flags.
    The primary reason to got to a football match in Glasgow is to provide a venue to get drunk and have a fight after the game with any one not wearing your team’s colours.
    I have lived in Scotland and I love the place, but really people, International Political Awareness is not something for which they are famous.

  7. #7 by duncan lucas on 08/18/2016 - 9:34

    Look Mary I dont like the Orange Order or the Masonic Lodge either , they were told to vote NO at the Scottish Independence referendum in 2014 . They also promote other Masons in jobs above those better qualified , but that article is one-sided it doesnt mention the atrocities committed by the IRA or its branches to the Northern Ireland population , like Knee capping other Catholics who didnt agree with the violence and the indisputable fact one of the biggest Zionist controlled countries in the world the USA supplied arms/explosives even heavy arms/rockets to the IRA and didnt do a thing to stop it because they were afraid of losing , New York Irish votes , so painting them “whiter than white ” is very far from the Truth. They also blew up crowds of innocent civilians , including women and children .

  8. #8 by duncan lucas on 08/18/2016 - 9:34

    Absolute BULL ! PJ spoken like a true Londoner – well not true unless you are a Cockney . You sound the typical arrogant, patronizing , condescending English man the Scots love to hate . I hjave you tried coming out with that rubbish in an East End of Glasgow pub ? you would be on the floor and needing intensive care in 5 minutes . Your image of tartan clad.red haired drunkards is the patronizing image of your type of person , a bit of intelligence but no more . Your blindness to the typical English youth out on the booze in in English cities causing police to arrive to handcuff them and jail them is astounding , especially the football fans , its not the Scots that in the past years have caused havoc abroad its English rowdies just look at recently in France ! You think English people should tell other to “know their place ” and condescend to any Englishman , well not me ! your lucky we dont live near each other , but then when the locals knew your comments you would be ostracized. Stay in England —PLEASE !

  9. #9 by PJ London on 08/18/2016 - 9:34

    Well LUCAS, you obviously cannot understand English.
    ” think English people should tell other to “know their place ” and condescend to any Englishman ” Where did you get that from?
    I spent a lot of time in Girvan, Ayr , Ballantrae and yes mixing with Glaswegians.
    The Celtic – Rangers animosity is well known, up to and including GBH. You immediately confirm all I said ” your lucky we dont live near each other “.
    What a pratt, set out to argue and end up proving my point!
    Awa’ n bile your heead

  10. #10 by ladybat2 on 08/18/2016 - 9:34

    Its common knowledge that the Scots stand in solidarity with the Palestinians because the Scots are brave and are no hypocrites. They understand a people who have had their homeland invaded and their freedom and homes stolen from them. The Scots spent hundreds of years defending their own homeland from foreign invading forces. Namely the English. The very same people who invaded Palestine and took a huge zionist dump on its lawn and then left it there.

  11. #11 by duncan lucas on 08/18/2016 - 9:34

    Thats the problem -LONDON – I understand the English philosophy too well , why dont you just say you visit -Scotlandsheer (no I spelled it that way on purpose). You dont reply to my true comments on English football fans violence even between English clubs but that is typical English hypocrisy or of the constant violence in English streets by drunks . How about Arsenal -the Herd – Millwall-Bushwackers-Chelsea-Headhunters Burnley -Suicide squad and all the rest and you have the nerve to criticize Rangers/Celtic ? How about “the English disease ” -aka- football violence -1970,s onward there is a full list of English football club fans violence on the web. Its not the Scots that are hated worldwide its the arrogant English – read – the Glasgow herald – English hooliganism in Europe -1-6-1984-quote-certainly its a long time since followers of the Scottish national team have caused the sickening mayhem which English fans have produced in Belgium-Luxemberg-Spain-Switzerland etc –English fans have come to be regarded in Europe as by far and away the worst there is.

  12. #12 by PJ London on 08/19/2016 - 9:34

    “not the Scots that are hated worldwide” well the Scottish team never get to play away, except Malta and Slovenia.
    Why should I answer you claims, your only defence is “well the English do it too”.
    But … “CELTIC fans were escorted through Amsterdam by an army of Dutch police. …. ”
    “Celtic fans bottle the police and start riot in Amsterdam ”
    “Celtic fans attacked in Warsaw”
    And here is a bunch of Google suggested searches :

    celtic fans fighting
    celtic fans riot
    celtic fans riot in burnley
    celtic fans riot in dublin
    celtic fans fighting each other
    celtic fans riot in brentford

    Poor wee misunderstood little bairns.

  13. #13 by Mary Louise on 08/19/2016 - 9:34

    Look, Duncan. I don’t believe the article is too one sided. What it is doing is redressing the balance of the garbage perpetuated by the Zio-Masonic British mainstream media. The truth is that the IRA and Sinn Fein are Marxist, not Catholic, entities and much of their shenanigans were British false flags. The presstitutes led us to believe that any “Loyalist” violence was merely Protestant Ulster folk defending themselves against Irish Nationalist, Catholic violence when nothing could be further from the truth! We were all subjected to Paisley’s sanctimonious rantings and ravings when he (who is now dead and gone to Hell, as the late, great Michael Collins Piper would say) was as much of a terrorist as any of them!
    Could your objections have something to do with the fact that many of the worst elements of Ulster “Loyalism” are -like the late, unlamented, fore mentioned Paisley – of Lowland Protestant Scots descent?

  14. #14 by duncan lucas on 08/19/2016 - 9:34

    I see your whole intention is still the English patronising attitude of your parochial Scots comment in the last line , it shows up your level of intelligence which is probably stuck in two figures . You and your ilk have spent 300 years trying to “anglify ” the Scots–it hasnt worked London and never will because we are an nation with a very long history who ruled over ourselves for many centuries , have our own laws and customs. Your problem is most Englishmen are Tories -ie- they vote for Jews – the Jewish owned banks – (of which I have a long line to prove my point ) -the City -a law unto itself where QE2 walks BEHIND – the Lord Mayor and has to ask to enter it , owned again by one of the richest Jews in the world where total corruption exists , you come on a website that is anti-jewish purporting to be for the cause but your inner motives would put a question mark on that as you defend their actions . Whereas Scotland, a national socialist voting country , offends you as we think of the poor-sick-old and their welfare and you think (in typical fashion ) of shares-house prices – and bank balance . The two can never be reconciled so you are left with troll like comments which prove your two figure IQ . If you are really for the cause of this website lets hear you roundly condemn the City and all its works and the “jewification ” of England.

  15. #15 by Mary Louise on 08/20/2016 - 9:34

    Ladybat2: Do you imagine that no Scots were involved in British colonialism? If so, think again! For start, Lord Balfour was a Scotsman.

  16. #16 by PJ London on 08/20/2016 - 9:34

    Aye Duncan, you are right. My IQ is two figures 100 and 54.
    Ah well, I will stop teasing you now. As my dear mum used to say “it is not right to mock the afflicted, especially when their affliction is genetic.”

  17. #17 by duncan lucas on 08/20/2016 - 9:34

    Hello Mary – I am thankful I am now speaking to someone who has some “gray matter ” up top and not a glorified troll . I take a very even handed approach to world politics but when I see it skewed in one direction I try to even the balance by speaking truthfully , if anybody intelligent thinks I lie , then I am open to intelligent debate . I know full well the “troubles ” in NI and yes I was brought up a Scottish Protestant attending church . But on my mother,s side I have Catholic relatives so I do have some Highland Catholic blood in me as they came from South Uist and Tiree in the western islands . I refused to join the Masons even though it would have advanced me in my job and an uncle was a Grand Master . I refused to join the Orange Order as I dont believe in it . I have as many Catholic friends as Protestants , as a matter of fact all the people in my life who stabbed me in the back were protestant , Catholics brought up in Chapel values were actually good to me . So to say I am biased is a mile from the truth , I take a Universal view of people in this world we are all here for a purpose , to help ourselves learn to be better people and , if possible, help others no matter what faith , what colour, what race they are . This is Spiritual Enlightenment and also Spiritual Advancement . It isnt easy , involving pain and suffering in contrast to the Political Correct brainwashing now going on . So you see Mary ( my mothers name ) your opinion of me is wrong , just because I dont agree with everything that that article said by stating actual facts , arent you showing your bias ?

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