New App Poll: Trump Leads Hillary 64% to 36% And Takes California If Elections Held Today


“Like most everything else coming from the JMSM, their ‘polls’ showing Hillary ahead are skewed. They poll twice as many democrats in a supposedly ‘random’ poll and get the results that they publish with Hillary leading.  Lying bastards.”~A. K.

LOS ANGELES — Despite a majority of opinion polls showing the 2016 presidential election going to Democrat Hillary Clinton, a smartphone app developer says his data suggests challenger Donald Trump will be the victor.

“Based on the stats we see, he looks strong,” says Ric Militi, co-founder of San Diego-based Crazy Raccoons, maker of the Zip question and answer app. His app poses questions and polls responses based on an average of 100,000 daily users. “I go with Trump, based on what we see.”

Some Zip questions:

— ”New polls suggest Trump is getting crushed by Clinton. Do they reflect how you are going to vote?” Some 64% told Zip they would vote for Trump, compared to 36% for Clinton. In the latestReuters/Ipsos poll, Clinton leads Trump, 42% to 36%.

— ”California, who you voting for?” Trump got 55%, compared to 45% for Clinton. In the latest Public Policy Institute of California poll, Clinton has a 16-point advantage over Trump, 46% to 30%.

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  1. #1 by Claes Lantz on 08/19/2016 - 9:34

    If you have a picture with Hillary Clinton behind bars the slogan should be
    “How To Make America Safe Again”

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