Saturday Alternative Cartoons: August 20, 2016

jews-are-masters-of-the-claim-jumping-game jewsjudas_kiss__sergii_fedko

It is time for us to smirk at the world again.  This week, among so many other wonders, I offer photographic evidence that Vladimir Putin’s Russia is responsible for the fall of Atlantis! I know that sounds pretty stupid, but it is no stupider than blaming him for the situation of young Omran Daqneesh, intended to be portrayed as the victim of evil Vladimir Putin who is, as we all know, responsible for everything gone bad, including the tomatoes at the bottom of your fridge. Anyhow I do address the situation of the child as well as the ludicrous propaganda aspect regarding Putin who has been charged with so many ridiculous assertions over the past few years that it is almost unbelievable.

I did not post last week but, while you are over at S & S, if you are not on overkill, if you are a serious glutton for lowbrow punishment, skip back to last week’s “Hillary Dump #1.”  You won’t be disappointed; Hildebeaste is a glutton for punishment who is being kept alive to fulfill her “destiny”, but that is for another day. Remember, Hillary spends $98 to every $1 that Trump spends on advertising and bribery.



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