Louisiana Flood Caused By Lutheran Church’s Rejection of Israel

God hates Jews

BREAKING ISRAEL NEWS – After historic flooding devastated Louisiana this week, a Hebrew Roots radio station suggested that the statewide disaster could be understood as divine retribution for anti-Israel resolutions passed by the Evangelical Lutheran Church (ELCA) in New Orleans last weekend.

“I think you can connect the dots,” wrote a news editor for Hebrew Nation Radio in an article about the flooding. “There is a measure for measure principle here.”

The article then linked to reports on the recent resolutions condemning Israel which were approved by ELCA at a triennial assembly in New Orleans on Saturday.

The resolutions, which accused Israel of occupying Palestinian territories and committing human rights abuses against Palestinians, called for a number of anti-Israel measures, including a demand that the United States government halt all aid to the Jewish state if Israel continued building “settlements” in Judea and Samaria.

The Lutheran Church also demanded that the US recognize the “State of Palestine” and called for divestment from Israeli companies.

The measures were passed by an overwhelming majority of 751-162.

The ELCA churchwide assembly began last Monday and concluded on Saturday. On Thursday night, torrential rain began to pound Louisiana. By Friday, most of the state had received over a foot of rain, with some locations seeing over 30 inches, reported NBC News.

Thousands have had to flee their homes, with about 30,000 people needing to be rescued. The disastrous flooding constitutes “the worst natural disaster to strike the United States since Superstorm Sandy” in 2012, said the American Red Cross.

So far, 13 people have been killed and 8,400 displaced, and 40,000 homes have been damaged by the torrents of water still streaming through Louisiana. On Sunday, President Barack Obama declared the flooding a major disaster, with 20 parishes included in the federal disaster zone. Relief efforts are estimated to cost up to $30 million.

As for the divine connection between the two events, for some, the correlation is clear.

“The storm and deluge came out of nowhere without any warning,” pointed out the Hebrew Nation Radio article. “Folks are calling it ‘an act of God’. I wonder what got Him stirred up? Connect those dots!”

It would not be the first time a connection has been made between events affecting Israel and natural disasters in the US. Parallels have also been drawn between the American-backed withdrawal from the Gaza Strip and Hurricane Katrina, which hit the Gulf Coast eight days after Israel began dismantling Jewish communities in Gaza.


  1. #1 by Caligula on 08/21/2016 - 9:34

    I’m assuming “Hebrew Nation Radio” is for brainwashed “Christian” zionists. Even jews couldn’t be this retarded.

  2. #2 by lobotero on 08/21/2016 - 9:34

    So BDS is the cause of the food….I am not surprised at this…..some are just moronic and believe whatever they are told….RAIN is the culprit…period!

  3. #3 by nooralhaqiqa on 08/21/2016 - 9:34

    HEY! ISIS didn’t do it this time … or even try to claim it. The Rabbis claim that honour! Don’t mess with the Jews or …. or…. they will send a golem to getcha. Just like ISIS, but not so highly publicized, many of the horrors that take place on the planet to other people are the results of … “insults to Jews” (such as being held accountable for their own actions) as deemed by the rabbinical uppity-ups. There is a strong correlation here between how these rabbis and ISIS people claim disasters (or create them) to further their own goals. IE:

    Apparently the Fukushima disaster was divine retribution to Japan because the Japanese court had had the utter audacity to charge several young Chabad Lubavitch lads for importing vast quantities of ecstasy into the country. (This is much more common than people know. Lubavitchers are up to their eyeballs selling that stuff.) Anyhow some got caught, plunked into jail, Japan got a problem that has damaged the planet and everything on it, all because those lads went to jail according to the rabbis.

    And now Israel, the originator of the Stuxnet computer virus that resulted in the Fukushima reactor meltdown in the first place, appears ready to take full advantage of Japan’s misery and winds of political and economic change in Asia.

    According to their standards, Louisiana got off lightly.

  4. #4 by Bill Burroughs on 08/21/2016 - 9:34

    Among the vast historical collection of Jew lies to which the Gentile world (i.e. planet Earth) has been subjected, the Hebrew Bible was their first Big One. As the “God” of the Hebrews is essentially a fictional literary character playing the part of God in their collection of fictional pseudo-historical narratives, it would be impossible for such a character from a storybook to affect meteorological events in the REAL WORLD, however, there are still a lot of people out there who obviously missed the intellectual and scientific advances that began during the Enlightenment Period of the 18th century and are still living somewhere in the Middle Ages. Amazing! Now that I have said this, let us see if a great flood destroys my home. I’ll bet you $14 trillion and a donkey who speaks fluent Aramaic that nothing happens. LOL!

  5. #5 by Isaac on 08/21/2016 - 9:34

    And any one who says GOD HATES THE JEWS: is right. Its in the book of the prophet JEREMIAH where you can read Jehovah condemned, cursed, damned, disinherited the Jews over 50 times. The only thing is that people do not read any thing and the “Christian Churches” have hidden those passages in the Old Testament.

  6. #6 by Aaronsalmondstaff on 08/21/2016 - 9:34

    Why would God devastate parts of Louisiana where the assembly did not convene and not the headquarters of the Lutheran Church? We are talking about the Almighty here. He didn’t destroy China when Egypt would not free its slaves.

  7. #7 by ladybat2 on 08/21/2016 - 9:34

    Yea and right after zionazi Jew Joan Rivers ranted in front of TV cameras that the People of Gaza deserved being slaughtered she was struck down dead by a throat ailment so looks like God is playing both sides.
    Seriously though, I am so glad to see that so many Christian churches have finally come to their senses about “israel home land for the Jew and the Jew only”.

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