Saturday Alternative Cartoons: Part Two: The American Elections: August 27, 2016

trump FA 1280 (1)

I had just too much material so, for the first time in however many years I have been doing this, there is a need for a second installment dedicated only to the American 2016 elections.

It is inevitable, since the Hildebeaste abomination is just so wicked, that just a few weeks after HILLARY DUMP #1 I am able to offer you HILLARY DUMP #2. Proceed accordingly. Every next thing I read about this creature and what surrounds her, the more concerned I become. Terrifying thought but what is she hiding behind those ugly muumuu things she wears? Her fashion sense has never been good but now she is obviously concealing something more than a plump tummy or generous bottom.

This week I also offer TRUMP DUMP #1. This was much more difficult to create since the media is primed to hate Trump and most images are ludicrous at best, buying into the anti-Trump dialogue of the nano-second. I have endeavoured to offer cartoons that highlight these biases against him and offer more positive and realisticimages, not an easy task since Trump makes enough gaffes to keep his enemies well supplied with ammunition. Pro Trump is literally as difficult to find as pro Hitler or pro Putin in the West.

Saturday Alternative Cartoons: Part Two: The American Elections: August 27, 2016

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  1. #1 by ml on 08/27/2016 - 9:34

    Heard about Killary Hellary’s adult diapers. Also heard that besides being completely sick in her head, she is also physically ill. Oh Lord. let her drop …….asap before she presses the button. She is itching to do it. How i loathe this creature.

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