How Yemen’s Past is Being Erased, One Air Strike at a Time


GLOBAL RESEARCH – Saudi bombers have not merely targeted civilians during the 18-month war in Yemen. They have struck time and again at the country’s thrilling architectural heritage, inflicting untold destruction. Not even the old city of Sanaa, continuously inhabited for more than 2,500 years and a UNESCO world heritage site, has been spared. Its old quarter, which is every bit as as priceless and unique as those in European cities such as Venice and Florence, has also been targeted by planes from the Saudi-led coalition.


  1. #1 by Fat Panda on 09/05/2016 - 9:34

    This post goes along the theory by Dr. Ashraf Ezzat, who has shown in his book “Egypt knew no Pharaohs nor Israelites” that the exodus story could not have happened in Egypt, and the origins of the Jews, are actually from Yemen. There was population of Jews in Yemen until 1949, when about 49,000 of them were taken by air to Palestine. Fascinating book.

  2. #2 by Mike on 09/06/2016 - 9:34

    Milan Kundera’s quote is astutely accurate. The methodical destruction of the cradles of civilization is underway, and behind it at every segment you find Jews to be instrumental, as abettors, fomenting racial and religious hatred, sectarianism, depravation and destruction of physical heritage.

    And so, given Milan Kundera’s sympathy for “israel”, his quote is not something he decries, but a strategy he obviously supports. He is after all the proud recipient of the israelites’ “Jerusalem Prize”.

    In May 2013 the “Ben Gourion University of Negev” paraded a pompous “international workshop on the Jewish contribution to the European integration project” (if that does not send a jolt of horror and fear in the spine of our European friends, then nothing will)

    Keynote speaker at this “workshop was one Sharon Pardo, an ultra-zionist apologist of jewish crimes, and an operative of the stealth jewish Coups d’Etat” that have captured Europe’s power apparatus,

    Sharon Pardo’s started his keynote blather with a quote by Milan Kundera himself:
    “If the Jews, even after Europe so tragically failed them, nonetheless kept faith with that European cosmopolitanism, Israel, their little homeland finally regained, strikes me as the true heart of Europe – a peculiar heart located outside the body.” end quote)

    Organized Jewry makes its success not by construction, but by destruction. Not by competition, but by elimination. Not by creativity, but by theft. Not by strength, but by stealth. Not by philanthropy, but by the hatred of goyim non-jews. Not by links to ancestral history, but by lies and falsification. Let’s face it, Jews have no history. Everything they say about themselves is false, falsification of history.

    Yet Milan Kundera has sympathy, and grovels to their feet. No need to elaborate more.

    Not surprisingly after such an ill chosen quote to describe a damn real, systematic and deliberate extermination of the historic pillars of our civilizations, that we find in comment line someone quoting and promoting intellectual poisonous garbage, cooked in the judeo-israeli perception management kitchens, and brought to you under the guise of the arabic name of a corrupt clown.
    Due to my own background as a historian, one who calls for permanent revision and does not shy away from controversy, I have come across that inane little booklet some time ago. It is intellectual rubbish, but has a function, a very vicious one: By feigning to be an opponent of the jewish (false) narrative, it acts as an infiltrating agent, and seeds the targeted audience with what is between the lines all over this little inane booklet, namely the vicious attacks against Muslims and Islam. We all know too well here on TUT who is the very source of the bloody destructive wars against every religion, be it Islam or Christianity, and who foments genocidal murder of millions of people who happen to be, oh coincidence, Muslims.

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