RUSSIA – Why on Earth Should Jews Hate Stalin?


Sabba – This article does not answer this crucial question. But luckily Michael Collins Piper did in 2 fascinating podcasts on 04AUG14 and 06AUG14. Highly, highly recommended.

“Stalinism was not communism. Stalinism has nothing to do with the world revolution commanded by the jews. According to Lev Davidovich Bronstein (Trotsky), Stalinism was Russianism. Stalinism was Russian nationalism disguised under the cover of marxist verbiage and marxist insignia” And that’s why the jews hate Stalin with a passion to this very day.



  1. #1 by Peter on 09/06/2016 - 9:34

    No reason the yidds should hate Stalin at all; after all, he was tending to their baby (Bolshevism.)

  2. #2 by Sabba on 09/06/2016 - 9:34

    Take some time Peter to listen to the podcasts MCP did on the subject. Absolutely fascinating.
    There is more to Stalin than meet the eye, there is much more to him than what the ‘accepted’ historical narrative has told us and would have us believe.

  3. #3 by yep on 09/06/2016 - 9:34

    this story is BS, the jews loved stalin, they worship him, the jews hated the russian christians back then, they even helped stalin to do the purges of many russian christians, and stalin was a jew also, come on people get your story correct

  4. #4 by David Ismail on 09/06/2016 - 9:34

    You mean “the nationalist” Stalin who was keen to “nationalize” Europe with his June 1942 invasion of…Europe? You mean that guy?

    Read, “Stalins Folly”. Constantine Pleshakov.

    The Russian Archives are open, since 2000. Stalins plans to invade Europe explain Hitlers rush to invade the Soviet Union against his “professional” Generals advice. You ever heard of this book? Most haven’t, it makes Hitler look good and explains the need for WW2.

    Still, to this day, “historians” explain WW2 and the carnage that followed as the result of a “megalomaniac mad man” – whilst the historical record has always been plain – Hitler was saving Europe from the barbarism of Communism under Stalin – funded and supplied by Wall Street jewish banking houses. Read Professor Anthony Sutton.

    Had Hitler not been enmeshed in the mad racial ideology of his time – taken from Britain and the US ironically – he would of most likely won the war minus the Ultra Intercepts which gave Stalin the complete German order of battle. Hitler could have ushered in a cultural renaissance, ended the vile jewish bolshevik experiment out of Wall Street and the Bank of England and Rothschild. But he didn’t, and Russians who cheered the German arrival in their villages were soon running back to the Commissars once the German “Golden Pheasants’ (Administrators) arrived to beat the peasants into submission and the dust.

    Stalin was putting Christians in gulags for ten years (Tenners) for having Icons of Jesus and Mary under their pillow. Stalin was surrounded by Russian Jews and most importantly, Jewish women, his entire time in power. The “civil war” was against nationalist jews and jews who followed Trotsky and the international bankers. Nothing more. Stalin, like Saddam Hussein, was not following orders and when Wall Street wanted him gone – he reacted.

    Pushing Stalin as a “nationalist hero” is madness. Let him have his due – roads, schools, universities, infrastructure…if you lived in Moscow and other special places. But at what cost to ordinary people? Stalin was a brute, monster. Rehabilitating him is a joke on the memory of the MILLIONS who breathed their last gasp in misery – for being Christians or for writing poetry the government didn’t like.

    Say what you will about Hitler – and there’s plenty to say – but he was a military and political genius, defeated by Ultra Intercepts and his military intelligence chief – Wilhelm Canaris.

  5. #5 by fb on 09/06/2016 - 9:34

    Sorry thats absolute nonsense MCP was brilliant at what he did ,doesn’t mean he was right all the time and on this occasion he isn’t. To say there is more to Stalin than what there is is unbelievable and dishonest.He was a mass murderer and continued the job of his predecessor. They changed the face of communism from judaic ro gentile as they were worried that everyone knew what was the real truth.I can on and on with more,so this Stalin lovin here on this site is not the first and I smell a rat. I hope not to see it again.

  6. #6 by rehmat1 on 09/07/2016 - 9:34

    You think Chechen, Tatar or Ingush Muslim communities would demand that Russian dictator Josef Stalin be declared a war criminal for Muslim Holocaust of over two millions. No, it’s the Russian Jewish groups who are running a smear campaign against Russian education minister Olga Vasilyeva, PhD, an academic for praising Stalin for defending Soviet Union from Nazis.

    Stalin who is known for destroying thousands of churches and mosques – never harmed a single synagogue. He not only established world’s first Jewish state Birobidjan in Russia in 1934, but he also midwifed the Zionist state in Palestine.

    “If I were Vasilyeva, I would say that I consider Stalin to be a person who made huge efforts to destroy Himmler and Hitler, stopping the annihilation of Jewish people all over the world, including Russian Jews. Stalin prevented the furnaces from burning from Vitebsk to Vladivostok, and it was also partly thanks to Stalin that the state of Israel was created, making the centuries-old religious dream of the Jews to restore their state come true. Stalin directly contributed to that. It seems to me that the Jews – in Russia, in Israel, and from all over the world – should visit Stalin’s tomb at the Kremlin at least twice a year, on his birth and death anniversaries, bringing wreaths to show their gratitude,” wrote Alexander Prokhanov, editor of the newspaper Zavtra.

    In an interview with Iran’s Press TV in 2014, Prokhanov, an aid to Vladimir Putin, said that the United States and Israel were one and the same when it comes to supporting a terrorist organization like ISIS.

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