G20 Summit: For The First Time, The West Could Not Dictate, But Had To Listen


BY PEPE ESCOBAR – China has spent months, organizing the G20 Summit in Hangzhou. They had their own ideas and it was a sort of coming out for Chinese, showing to the international community that they are a real global power politically and economically.

Even before the start of the Summit, President Xi Jinping was trying to discuss the trend of backlash against globalization and against economic integration. Chinese have a complete different view on how economic relations in the world should be practiced. For the previous period of globalization, they have profited in many things: foreign investments, exporting all over the world. China developed so much and so fast, that now it can also be a part of rulers that will govern the global economy. This is what they wanted to explain to other nations, especially to the Western countries.


  1. #1 by Brooklyn Dave on 09/09/2016 - 9:34

    I think it’s a riot that the Chinese said to Obongo “this is our country, this is our airport”. They were not going to put up with his arrogance –like the way he fluttered over to the UK right before the Brexit referendum to lecture Brits that they must stay in the EU.

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