September 11, 2001: The 15th Anniversary of the Crime and Cover-up of the Century


GLOBAL RESEARCH – WTC Building exploding into fine dust (it is not burning down) by pre-planted explosives in an obvious controlled demolition. The arrow points to a “squib” of exploding gas which is commonly seen with controlled demolitions. Some of the “splinters” seen (the only solid objects that did not pulverize into dust) are actually chunks of steel beams that were being exploded upward and laterally. The nicely-sectioned steel beams and girders were soon ordered by New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani to be trucked away and shipped to China – an order that constitutes disturbing a crime scene – which is a federal crime.

Sabba – And remember, the same Giuliani recently admitted that No terrorist attack had occurred prior to Obama’s presidency


  1. #1 by duncan lucas on 09/07/2016 - 9:34

    This is just additional information on what was supplied to me by an American Professor who lost his job years ago for speaking out about 9/11 where he went into engineering details of the impossibility of the whole tower collapsing beautifully vertically even with plane sticking out of its side . The steel structure was built round the elevator shafts to leave more open space and that it should have bent over instead .He also went on about the type of explosive used which ,at the time was a military type used by US forces and went into detail as to how it worked and the extreme heat involved , that the US control over the sky , were stood down and told not to answer the phone . There is a lot more . As an who has seen 100,s of blitzed buildings in Scotland including steel framed I have never come across this lovely vertical collapse in that type of building

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