Washington Gives Russia an ‘Ultimatum’ on Syria, Moscow Responds


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  1. #1 by Isaac on 09/08/2016 - 9:34

    All these warnings and attacks on the coalition are nothing but a desperate attempt to keep the Zio- boys bulling the whole world in the face of their decadence. These warmongers are loosing ground and the balance of power looks to be getting heavier on Russia, China, Iran, Iraq, Hezbollah, and may be Turkey?. The Zionists screwed up royally in Turkey and lost a chance to invade Russia using Turkish soil. also the petro-dollar is in deep dew. There are 23 countries (and counting) that are not using the dollar any longer to trade with oil and other commodities and China might want to redeem their 6 trillion of worthless US notes at any time. These warmongers better think twice, but they do not care about America if we get converted into a pile of radioactive ashes.

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