Not Satire! USA Defense Secretary Ashton Carter claims “Russia spreading global instability”




  1. #1 by rehmat1 on 09/09/2016 - 9:34

    Dr. Ashton Carter’s ‘kosher credentials’ can be checked by the company he keeps. To name a few, Carter and Philip D. Zelikow, the ‘man behind 9/11’ penned an article in 1998, entitled Catastrophic Terrorism, for the Jewish-controlled CFR magazine. The article detailed America’s reaction to an event like 9/11, and its beneficiaries in the long run. Carter is a great admirer of Bush’s deputy defense secretary Paul Wolfowitz, a US-Israel citizen and supporter of Netanyahu’s racist Likud party. Carters’ close allies also includes John Bolton at the Jewish lobby group American Enterprise Institute (AEI), Dr. Anthony Cordesman, founder Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), a pro-Israel national security consulting group, and Sen. John McCain.

    Carter is known ‘hawkish’ when in comes to US foreign policy towards Iran, Syria, Somalia, Pakistan, N. Korea, China – and even Russia.

    During his 2013 visit to Israel, Carter told Jewish soldiers with the Oketz Canine Unit that “protecting America means protecting Israel.”

    Carter along with Dennis Ross and Michael Makovsky, head of Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs, is the author of the Carter-Makovsky-Ross report which claims that Iran’s nuclear program is a great threat to America’s global interests.

    On December 4, The Times of Israel that in 2008, Carter also suggested that he saw little strategic difference between the cost to the US of an Israeli strike against Iran rather than a US-led attack. “Even if the United States had no complicity in or knowledge of an Israeli strike, few people on the street throughout the Middle East would believe it,” he warned. “It would also be a challenge for the United States to prove to the Europeans, Russians, Chinese, and others outside the region that are key to any kind of lasting settlement with Iran that it had nothing to do with the attack. The costs to the United States of an Israeli strike on Iran’s nuclear program might therefore be almost as large as the costs of a US strike.”

    When Carter was an academic, before the Obama presidency, he took a hard line on the Islamic Republic of Iran, arguing that the United States should use diplomacy and other kinds of coercion to end the country’s enrichment of nuclear fuel.

    Many reports have painted Carter as a trigger-happy, shoot-first, ask-questions-later type of military thinker because he once called for bombing North Korea. In a 2006 op-ed in the Jewish Washington Post, titled “If Necessary, Strike and Destroy,” Carter and former Secretary of Defense William Perry wrote, “if North Korea persists in its launch preparations, the United States should immediately make clear its intention to strike and destroy the North Korean Taepodong missile before it can be launched.”

  2. #2 by Isaac on 09/10/2016 - 9:34

    They are all a bunch of idiots. They go and attack a country and blame the ones who are defending it. That is the way of the devil, the Jews who are behind all these wars.

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