Facebook delegation meets with Israeli officials to discuss online incitement


I-24 NEWS – A delegation of senior Facebook officials have arrived in Israel for a series of meetings with government representatives and civil servants to discuss the issue of incitement on the social media platform, The Times of Israel reported Sunday. 

Monika Bickert, Facebook’s head of product policy and counter-terrorism and Joel Kaplan, vice president of Global Public Policy and a former deputy chief of staff for policy at the White House, are heading the delegation, according to the report. 

Israeli officials have slammed Facebook for allowing online incitement that they claim leads to terror activities.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced the Facebook delegation’s visit to Israel at the weekly cabinet meeting Sunday.

“The aim is to increase cooperation against incitement, incitement to terror and murder on social networks,” he said, according to The Times of Israel. “Terror groups use the internet to hurt humanity. We are determined to fight this phenomenon so I welcome this cooperation, or at least the willingness to cooperate, that Facebook is demonstrating which we hope will yield better results.”

Facebook has come under increasing pressure from Israeli politicians and officials for the type of content it allows on its platform. 

Israel’s justice and internal security ministers recently announced plans to propose legislation banning the use of Facebook to advance “terror” and outlawing incitement from the Internet.

Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked and Internal Security Minister Gilad Erdan said instructed their respective ministries and the police to draft a new bill for removing terror content from the internet and social media.

Shaked and Erdan said the legislation would aim to make it illegal to publish “offensive content” such as “encouraging terror attacks, shaming, insulting public officials and slandering”.

The principles of the bill would be that the state would issue a warning letter to internet, domain name and social media providers who can potentially remove the content as site administrators.

If the providers, such as such as Facebook and Google, remove the terror content there would be no further action.

If they do not remove the content, the bill would allow the state to request the courts to order the providers to remove the content within 24 hours, as Facebook does in the European Union, said the statement.

This would be backed by a law that blocks content inciting “terror” and ensures its “complete removal, similar to laws in Australia and France”.

Israel maintains that online content has played a significant role in fueling a wave of Palestinian attacks that broke out in October 2015.

The ministers said that “in the latest wave of terror there has been a direct link between online incitement and the so-called ‘lone wolf terror’ attacks.”

  1. #1 by Omar Mohammed on 09/11/2016 - 9:34

    Another reason why no one should be using facebook and their sister apps (instagram and whatsapp).

  2. #2 by mothman777 on 09/11/2016 - 9:34

    Israel = humanity ?????!!!!! This is a complete contradiction in terms.

    The Israeli Jews love to make people forget the Samson Option threat to use Israeli nuclear weapons to destroy every other nation on the planet whenever they feel like doing that.

    In 1950 the Jewish scientist Leo Szilard invented the cobalt nuclear bomb, a weapon he stated is capable of killing all life on Earth, if just 400 are deployed. We can therefore understand why the Israelis won’t allow any weapons inspectors into their Dimona nuclear facility as they continue building the required number of 400 of these weapons with which to continue blackmailing the entire world with ever more devastating power, as their nuclear weapons program continues to develop each year, continually unhindered by a cowardly West, to command total obedience.

    That the Jews had the concept, as well as the scientific, financial and political support, and actually developed the design of such a weapon, clearly and unequivocally demonstrates communal Jewish intent to be prepared to deploy such a weapon. That is the ultimate terrorist suicide bomber, the criminally insane Jew.

    Leo Szilard is also the insane Jew who invented the first radioactive atom bomb in 1934, after developing the concept in 1933, in preparation for the Jews to begin WWII with a decisive weapon.

    Far better that such evil insane people be imprisoned, and the Judaic terror cult outlawed worldwide with military force to prevent such terrorist threats against the world ever becoming manifest again.

    After all, various Judaic rabbis have been clearly documented stating in recent years that if any people in the world ultimately refuses to be placed under jurisdiction of the Noahide Laws, themselves genocidal, any such people in the world refusing those laws will ‘simply be killed’.

    The Israeli Jews and their Israel-friendly tribe worldwide are of course the ultimate terrorists themselves.

    It is utterly obscene that these Stalinist murderers demand that everyone else be silent about Israeli Jewish crimes, and it is utterly obscene that they demand that everyone regards THEM as the victims, and it is utterly obscene that they demand that everyone defends the Israeli Jews and their traitorous and murderous agents worldwide, even as the Jews maintain the intent to use the Samson Option whenever they wish.

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