Move Over Gary Johnson – US Ambassador Doesn’t Know What Aleppo Is Either (Video)


RUSSIA INSIDER – But while the entire US political discussion was briefly focused on Johnson’s apparent stupidity, it failed to pick up on an even more serious problem – that the former US ambassador to Iraq (i.e., a former member of the government) did not know what Aleppo was either. Ambassador Christopher Hill was asked to comment on Johnson’s lack of knowledge, and said he couldn’t believe Johnson didn’t know “the capital of ISIS.”


  1. #1 by George on 09/12/2016 - 9:34

    Actually, conquered, captured and hijacked Aleppo would be the capital of the “Israeli Secret Intelligence Service (ISIS) — wherever these non-human creatures go, there is always non-human, sadistic acts happening where these demon infested human-like bodies need human blood and organs to survive and continue in their fiendish ways:

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