America: The Empire of Mediocrity and the End of the World


JOURNAL NEO – Barack Obama is quoted as saying “I’ve now been in 57 states, I believe.” 57. Former Vice President Dick Cheney transplanted Venezuelan leader Hugo Chavez in Peru once. Ukraine civil war incendiary Senator John McCain went on national TV to proclaim Iraq borders Pakistan. Former President Gerald Ford lost an election when he proclaimed the USSR would never dominate Eastern Europe on his watch. Presidential candidate Mitt Romney figured Iran was Syria’s ally only so the former could get to the sea! (Neither nation is land locked) George Bush thought Africa was a country, Obama thinks the Atlantic Ocean is the Gulf of Mexico, and Vladimir Putin is about to invade??? Ignorance, no child left behind, Americans are truly the “sheeple”.



  1. #1 by on 09/14/2016 - 9:34

    This is absolutely correct. The pagan lie-ridden Masonic wackbag most oerverted place in the world is the US. Thank Tens of Millions of Freemason sodomites to pull all this off in the wacko “New Age” beginning in “1971” aka “666”. This IS Babylon – maker of ALL the wars with it Moleck Dollar bill and endless satanic refuse and their blasphemous masonic ” King James” sidomite jew bible. ALL PAGAN NAMES AND BROUGHT TO YOU BY THE “Jew”. newsflash!!! There was NEVER EVER a “jew” tribe. THEY WERE ASHKENAZI ( where NAZI derives from ). Thank you fir another awesome recounting of TRUTH. Regards/ almo

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