The Resurrection Of The Christian Empire

russia third rome

KATHEON – Where Do We Come From – Where Are We Going? When faced with this question, my answer is always ‘from far away’. For we come from White Russia, from Holy Rus, from the Christian Empire. We are the Tsar’s people. We have not chosen the alternative to this, the Anglo-Zionist Empire, now centred in Washington and spreading its tentacles through the UN, the EU, NATO and a host of vassal states and organizations worldwide. All that is the dying past and we have chosen the future, the Coming Christian Empire. It is what we are single-mindedly marching towards, our only destiny.  CONTINUE READING

  1. #1 by James Benn on 09/15/2016 - 9:34

    Wow, every now and again you get to read an article that shines a light on things only partly understood. This is one of them. Don’t you love that word ‘apostasy’? … “The abandonment or renunciation of a religious or political belief or principle”. Still resonates today, even in the irreligious ‘Zest’.

    Fascinating the role Fr Andrew Phillips ascribes to Rasputin in the court of the murdered Tsar … “His [Rasputin’s] murder was the first in the coup d’etat which led to the murder not only of the Imperial Family, but to the murder of millions, the attempt to murder Civilization, to murder the Christian Empire.”

    Fascinating too, the role of them ghastly British imperial snobs of the 19th century such as ‘Lord Alfred Milner’. Highly effective though he was. Milner was after all the personage behind the Royal Institute for International Affairs, and its spawn, the CRF network and thence the United Nations. And it was Milner who wrote the Balfour Declaration giving the Rotshites their own piece of land at the center of the world from which to spread their tentacles. Namely … ‘Palestein’.

    So, umm, does Rusklandia really represent the resurgence of Christianity ‘Incarnate’? The shining hope for persons of good faith the world over? Christian and otherwise. Or are we to be held in the vice-like grip of the Zionist Usurers, the Lord Milners, and all their Freemasonical train … in perpetuity?

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