Paul Larudee: Israel seeks to ethnically cleanse Mideast

greater israel

Ed note (Trevor)~ The truth must be REPEATED. Over and over, until the world GETS IT. It should be added that Israel is not after just the Middle East. The Judaic plan for jewish WORLD domination goes back to the Old Testament. That means that that oft-heard claim that “it’s just the Zionists,” or “it’s just the Talmud,” are not only categorically false and are based in pure ignorance, but are a good way to keep people in the dark and ultimately get us all killed. 

Know your enemy, and know his plan. 

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  1. #1 by Joshua Sinistar on 09/16/2016 - 9:34

    Just so you and your readers know. Those aren’t the borders of Israel, those are the borders of Babylon. Yeah, that’s right, ancient Babylon. They’re not rebuilding a holy land at all, they’re restoring Babylon. Babylon used to control the World and made it Evil. They’re rebuilding Babylon, and rebuilding the Temple of Baal.

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