Australian Jets Participated In Massacre Of Syrian Soldiers In Deir Ezzor


AL MASDAR NEWS – Australia’s Defense Department have admitted that its jets have participated in an airstrike against Syrian Army positions near Deir Ezzor that left tens dead.

Australia has offered its condolences to the victims of the soldiers families and has announced it will fully cooperate in the review of the incident.

“Australian aircraft were among a number of international aircraft taking part in this Coalition operation,” the Defence Department said in a statement. 

“Australia would never intentionally target a known Syrian military unit or actively support Daesh (ISIS). Defence offers its condolences to the families of any Syrian personnel killed or wounded in this incident.”

So blatant was the airstrike against the Syrian Army that even anti-Assad mainstream media in Australia have suggested that the airstrikes purposefully attacked their positions, supporting Russia’s claim.

Australia is one of many countries participating in the illegal US-led Coalition airstrikes in Syria that are without coordination with Damascus.


  1. #1 by gailmalone on 09/18/2016 - 9:34

    Why is Australia so ready to participated in rapacious US wars? We are worse than the US, we chose to fight in wars that are not in our national interest but the interests of the US, the sychophancy is breathtaking. Now we have a managed to put ISIS in a better position than they were previously by not only breaking a cease fire but in an act of aggression against a sovereign State that has done us no harm, all in the name of being the US’s favourite lap dog. We have no shame or dignity anymore. Get out of Syria, they have enough to deal with, without war crimes wrapped in the US flag by Australia.

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