Murica, The Other Cancer Upon Humanity – Pågan: the tropical paradise the US wants to turn into a war zone


THE GUARDIAN – Even here, in a region bursting with natural beauty, it is hard to imagine a more idyllic scene than Green Beach on Pågan island. Azure waters roll ashore before disappearing into the volcanic sand on a perfectly shaped horseshoe beach; on the horizon, cliffs plunge into darker open water that stretches, unhindered, more than 1,600 miles to the north-east coast of the Philippines. But in just a few years, Pågan’s tranquility could be shattered by the sound of heavy artillery, ending any hopes the displaced people of this 10-mile-long speck in the western Pacific have of returning to their ancestral home, more than three decades after a volcanic eruption forced all 300 residents to flee.  CONTINUE READING

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