HUNGARY – Former Jobbik politician moving to Israel after ‘discovering’ jewish roots


Sabba – He must have known all along that he was a chosen child of  satan who had joined Jobbik to subvert it and destroy it from within while parading as a Hungarian nationalist/patriot, by way of deception. As they always do. There is a very vibrant and powerful jewish community in Hungary whose members do not feel the need to make aliyah only because they are jews. So why does this guy so impulsively decided to pack up and move his family in Palestine?  I wonder if rather than discovering his jewish roots, it is not a matter of his being found out and exposed as a jewish traitor and destroyer. What has he actually done to Jobbik that is making him run away from Hungary and find refuge in the world headquarters of la Kosher Nostra?


TIMES OF ISRAEL –  A former Hungarian politician who resigned from his right-wing nationalist party after discovering he has Jewish roots said he is immigrating to Israel. Csanad Szegedi told a World Zionist Organization conference last weekend that he is planning to move to the Jewish state with his wife and two children.

Szegedi was a member of the anti-Semitic, far-right Jobbik party starting in 2003 and served in various leadership roles. The Anti-Defamation League described Jobbik as “openly anti-Semitic” during his time in the party.

“After the nightmares that my relatives underwent in the Holocaust, my family and I very much want to be part of the positive dream that Israel constitutes for us,” he told the Hebrew-language Maariv newspaper, adding that he had already submitted immigration paperwork.

In 2012, Szegedi publicly revealed that he had Jewish relatives, including his maternal grandmother, an Auschwitz survivor. He resigned from all Jobbik positions in July 2012 and gave up his party membership. That wasn’t good enough for the party: the next month it asked him to give up his seat in the European Parliament as well. Jobbik said the issue was suspected bribery, not his Jewish roots. Szegedi stayed in the European parliament as an independent.

Szegedi met in August 2012 with Rabbi Slomo Koves, of Hungary’s Orthodox Chabad-Lubavitch community, whose own parents were in their teens when they discovered they were Jewish.

“As a rabbi… it is my duty to receive every person who is in a situation of crisis and especially a Jew who has just now faced his heritage,” Koves said.

Szegedi said in 2013 that he is keeping Shabbat and trying to observe the laws of Kashrut. “I have discovered that I can reconcile my conservative viewpoints as Hungarian and as observant Jew,” he told German newspaper Welt am Sonntag.

Judaism is traced from mother to child, meaning that under Jewish law Szegedi is Jewish. Szegedi said he defines himself as someone with “ancestry of Jewish origin — because I declare myself 100 percent Hungarian.”

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    Csanad Szegedi, a top leader of Jobbik Party, admitted in June 2012 that his grandparents were Jewish, making him a Jew under the Jewish law, even though he doesn’t practice the religion.

    Hungary’s billionaire crime mobster, Semion Mogilevich 67, also known “Szeva bacsi” (Uncle Szeva), a Ukaranian-born Jew and Israeli citizen. According to the FBI and Israeli Mossad, Szeva rules over an arms trafficking, money-laundering, drug running and art-smuggling. NATO has said he is a “threat to the stability of Europe”. He is a welknown supporter of the United Jewish Appeal and the Zionist entity.

    In 2009, then Israeli president Shimon Peres boasted that “Israel is buying out Manhattan, Poland and Hungary“. Later, a western website claimed that three million Jews with US-Israel dual citizenship are going to flood Hungary which already has western Europe’s largest Jewish community (150,000). Hungary-born famous American Jewish chess player Judit Polgar was blamed to be behind the plan.

    The news upset the Hungary’s second largest opposition party – the nationalist Jobbik Party which had 48 members in parliament. In December 2011, the deputy speaker of parliament and member of Jobbik, Zoltan Balczo, lead a protest in front of the US embassy to express solidarity with the Islamic Republic. He accused Israel of dictating Obama administration, saying “the tail should not wag the dog“. Another speaker at the protest, Rev. Lorant Hegedus, said that “Jews control the global media and Jews were responsible for WW II“.

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