Donald Trump on 9/11 TRUTH (Aired Sept.11, 2001)

I have been away ignoring politics and the world for a short while and apologize if this little gem was posted a few weeks ago.  If you haven’t heard this before it truly is worth a listen.


  1. #1 by Greg M on 09/24/2016 - 9:34

    I suppose that this is the reason why Trump has the support of 9/11 criminals such as Giuliani, because he’s secretly working to somehow punish Rudy and the other conspirators. I think Ugly Truth is really grasping at straws in trying to cite Trump’s 9/11 stance as an example of him opposing the Zionists.

  2. #2 by ladybat2 on 09/24/2016 - 9:34

    I wonder why Mr Trump did not stop to think that bombs take a long time to plan and place for a demolition like this. How on earth were “terrorists” suppose to have gotten in the buildings to plant those bombs then? One of the most heavily guarded buildings in the world. How could middle eastern “terrorists” have gotten in those buildings months in advance and planted that many bombs all over those buildings? Unless it the biggest bomb experts in the world. The israelis. Since the owner of the Trade center was himself a zionist Jew then he could have allowed them to come in.

  3. #3 by slindauer2010 on 09/24/2016 - 9:34

    Excellent and very well informed! I’m impressed—

  4. #4 by slindauer2010 on 09/24/2016 - 9:34

    Dear Editor,

    Please accept my submission: The $1 TRILLION WHISTLEBLOW: Why Trump’s Economic Policy Can Succeed.

    I’m also attaching proof of my old CIA bona fides as an Asset covering the Iraqi Embassy & the Libya House, including proof of my CIA handler’s qualifications to oversee my interactions with the Iraqi Ambassador. Finally, I’m attaching a confidential file of evidence for your review ONLY. That’s for verification purposes.

    If you decline to publish my article, I ask you not to share these documents with anyone else.
    If you agree to publish this, it’s the first in a series that will be powerful, indeed.

    We have timed this carefully, but I ask you to move quickly. This is a three part series exposing corruption by Democrats profiting off Fort MacDill’s thievery. If the Obama Administration gets wind of this, they will move to preempt my disclosure. After the lack of action over the past year, they deserved to get pounded. There’s much more. This is the just first.

    Also you’re welcome to create a link for the Colin Powell letters. That’s a side of Iraqi Pre-war intelligence nobody knows!

    Why Trump’s Economic Policy Can Succeed

    By Susan Lindauer,

    There’s bad news everywhere– terrorism and violent urban protests; the $19 TRILLION federal debt bubble amidst $6.5 TRILLION in stolen Pentagon funds, the rise of meager, low-paid jobs and staggering income inequality that’s bringing out pitchforks.

    In this cauldron of anxiety, there’s one precious opportunity which the Obama Administration and Democrats overall have known about since September, 2015.

    It is $1 TRILLION in stolen federal funds lodged at CITIBANK in New York, which came off time deposit in November, 2015.

    In the right hands, it’s a game changer for the U.S economy and working American families. Unhappily for the American people, Democrats have no concept how to explore and leverage it. So they’re ignoring it instead, pleased that until today angry voters and Republicans in Congress have no idea such a possibility exists, waiting for a market-savvy, entrepreneurial leader to seize and use.

    That speaks volumes about the paralysis, apathy and failed budget management of the Democratic Leadership. In fact, the seizure would be easy to accomplish. The thief is a federal inmate on a 30 year sentence, who super-managed investments for U.S. Intelligence and the Pentagon in the mid 1990s until his arrest in 1999. Unless he faces additional charges, he’s slated for release in November, 2025.

    Frequently in recorded prison phone calls, he’s bragged of waltzing into the physical building of the Treasury Department, and using his official Treasury badge to pack paper Treasury notes into briefcases, which he diverted to private investments for his Chinese investors. We know the serial numbers of the Treasury notes comprising the $1 TRILLION.

    The $1 TRILLION at CITIBANK is the fruit of 18 years of investment earnings. At the start, the whole stash got invested in derivatives, which got cashed out in 2005 at the market peak, and posted in five (5) time deposit accounts that matured in November, 2025, valued at $200 BILLION each..

    Last November, a private law firm in Washington DC verified the custodial account for the
    $1 TRILLION with a single phone call. No subpoena was necessary and nobody worked the weekend. The inmate is using a phony African charity with a lengthy pedigree of financial crimes and unlawful 501c3 status. That makes this $1 TRILLION an easy capture for the IRS and the Justice Department..

    A Permanent Endowment for Expanded Social Security, including Paid Family Leave and Student Loan Relief

    Of key importance, CITIBANK expressed tremendous anxiety this $1 TRILLION would be struck off its asset sheet in a bonfire of federal spending for bankrupt federal agencies.

    CITIBANK’s got a point. Frankly, a bonfire would be a huge loss for taxpayers. There will never be another seizure like this. How to use this $1 TRILLION demands special consideration and strategic planning to maximize benefits for all Americans.

    My team thinks this $1 TRILLION would make an outstanding permanent Endowment for Social Security.. The advantage to investment is that CITIBANK could be enticed into a speedy transfer of ownership to the U.S Treasury, but CITIBANK would continue to hold and invest the funds cautiously and prudently, overseen by a watchdog board. The income stream from investments would pay for monthly Social Security and veterans benefits supplemented by Social Security payroll taxes.

    That would expand benefits, making a reality of Republican Donald Trump’s promise to pay larger pensions to seniors and veterans. Trump’s promise to give working mothers six (6) weeks of paid family leave could be achieved very successfully, too, by expanding the conceptualization of the Social Security contract to include younger Americans, and rethinking how Government must use resources more shrewdly to provide those benefits.

    That’s what Donald Trump does best!

    That would solve a number of problems for cash-strapped families. Over 60 million Americans depend on Social Security and veterans benefits, and 71% have no other source of income. Right now their average yearly income is $14,400, condemning them to rock bottom poverty,. This plan could reasonably raise Social Security income to $18,000 a year, a boost of $300 every month. Only now Social Security would become a fully funded mandate for the next 30 years, without the stress of future cuts in benefits or tax hikes as Baby Boomers enter retirement, and pressure mounts on younger workers to finance their benefits..

    Lower Payroll Taxes

    The beauty of the Endowment is how it would simultaneously fulfill Trump’s promise to slash payroll taxes and jump-start job creation!

    Some FICA tax would be necessary to avoid depleting the Trust over the next 30 years. But realistically, working Americans in all income brackets could expect a sizable payroll tax cut for Social Security in the range of 50% to 60%. A family with two wage earners could expect a rise in income of $400 to $600 every month.. Low income workers could cut back over-time or quit their second job. Working mothers could cut day care costs. Middle income families would get a breather on the mortgage payment. Truly, this would be the largest tax cut for working Americans in our history, befitting Trump’s larger than life personality.

    Jobs! Jobs! Jobs!

    Employers and small businesses would win, too! Companies would see equal cuts of 50% to 60% in their monthly employment taxes for Social Security benefits, reducing the costs of hiring new workers.. That would boost job growth across the country, stimulating business growth in all sectors.

    It tickles my team that Trump would have the capability to honor his tantalizing promises to supporters in Ohio and Michigan that he’ll persuade Ford and Carrier and other U.S corporations to keep their plants in the United States. Through an innovative approach like this, American labor would become competitive in the global market without the crush of driving down wages or union-busting.

    Ford and Carrier would have solid financial incentive to reconsider plant closures in Michigan, Indiana and Ohio, thanks to lower labor costs without painful wage cuts.

    Infrastructure and the Inner City

    Likewise, a shrewd planner like Trump could target the Social Security investment portfolio on rebuilding America’s crumbling infrastructure—the cornerstone of Trump’s promise to “make America great again.” Bridges, dams, light rail construction, school projects and rebuilding America’s inner-cities—all of it would be ideal to receive financing from the Social Security Endowment.

    That’s the missing cash ingredient of Trump’s policy to rebuild America’s inner-cities, and stimulate more job growth. Trump really could pull it off!

    Lazy. Paralyzed. Ineffective. Non-Functioning DEMOCRATS

    Wait a minute, all this talk about Trump’s agenda! What about the Democrats! Surely Democrats could do this, too!?! Right?!

    Actually, no. Of tremendous importance, ALL DEMOCRATS were informed of this $1 TRILLION starting in September, 2015. In the past year, I personally visited every Senate Democrat over a dozen times, going back every month, plus ALL Democrats in the Progressive House Caucus in March and April, and ALL Democrats on the House Oversight Committee several times in April and May.
    That’s over 500 visits on Capitol Hill, face to face with staff.

    My team also submitted NINE briefing papers to Vice President Biden’s Chief of Staff, Steve Ricchetti, urging Democrats to instruct Attorney General Loretta Lynch to move on the seizure.

    Only Democrats? That’s not fair! Ah, but my Republican team-mates quickly saw what my experiment would mean in 2016. Democrats had the leg up since September, 2015. Nonetheless, all the King’s horses and all the King’s men could not pull Democrats out of apathy and inertia to capture the $1 TRILLION and invest it for the people. They just don’t know how to do it.

    For all the griping about GOP obstruction, Democrats were PARALYZED, LAZY, INEFFFECTIVE and NON-FUNCTIONING, what amounts to a serious leadership breakdown, and failure to enact positive reforms using easily accessible tools. In our meetings, they’d nod with enthusiasm. But they kept waiting for somebody else to go after the $1 TRILLION, despite continuous reminders that our government is essentially bankrupt and foreign governments are no longer buying our federal debt, what should be. a scary proposition.

    My team is also convinced Hillary Clinton opposes the seizure entirely. Her campaign received$824,000 from CITIGROUP by July 1, 2016. If we’re right, Hillary sold us cheap. Wall Street pays more for hookers on Saturday night than Hillary got from CITIBANK. Yet for a low-ball price, Hillary and the Democrats gave up our $1 TRILLION.

    $1 TRILLION at CITIBANK?? Americans don’t need it! America’s already great, right?!!?

    A big red flag is Democrats’ FANATIC OPPOSITION to any type of Social Security investment at all. Investment income? Never on the Democrats’ watch! They blindly refuse to admit Social Security’s under water. And they continue to demand tax increases on upper income Americans to pay for expanding monthly benefits—though it’s completely unnecessary.

    Never fear. My team sees it differently. And we’re not ones to quit. Washington won’t act. So we’ve asked the IRS in Utah to protect America from these crooks. Somebody’s got to warn CITIBANK to stop executing bank instructions on behalf of this prison inmate. CITBANK’s got to lock down these accounts immediately. We cannot allow this $1 TRILLION to get hauled out of the United States just become Obama and the Democrats don’t have a brain in their heads.

    A Warning Why This Inmate’s Identity Must Not be Published!

    CITIBANK is as much a victim of this crime as American taxpayers. Because his crew uses false identities and fronts a fake 501c3 charity, CITIBANK has no idea they’re interacting with federal inmates, including a convicted child pornographer. We stress there’s been no collusion whatsoever by CITIBANK in hiding stolen federal funds. CITIBANK’s completely in the dark and unprotected, too.

    In fact, there’s good reason why this inmate’s identity must never be published. Despite “oversight” by the Bureau of Prisons, from behind bars this inmate regularly engages in bank fraud, wire fraud, securities fraud and money-laundering. He’s orchestrated major cyber attacks by Chinese hackers targeting other U.S banks. And in 2014, he used stolen Pentagon accounts as collateral to wash funds for Iranian Hawala financiers. My team blocked both of those crimes.

    The problem for law enforcement is this guy never stops. Regardless of prison, he’s got easy international phone and internet access. And he’s got a talent for recruiting others to do his dirty work. That’s why my team demands he must stay anonymous. Nobody wants other cyber criminals to learn his tricks for robbing global banks and the markets. He’s a very, very dangerous man.

    Though he’s definitely a Chinese agent, China learned the hard way there’s no honor among thieves. Back in 1997-98, as a free man, this inmate recruited 100 of China’s wealthiest entrepreneurs to purchase into his theft at a rate of $1 BILLION per percentage point. This $1 TRILLION was part of the spoils he intended to divide among his “investors.”

    We know the names of all those Chinese investors, and how much his crime syndicate is holding
    18 years later for each one. Most significantly, all of their capital got deposited at Banco Santander in Madrid, Spain. There’s not a single account belonging to one of his corrupt Chinese investors at any CITIBANK office anywhere in the world, nor connected to any other U.S. bank domestically or overseas. CITIBANK has no obligation to pay out any portion of this $1 TRILLION to the Chinese.

    Support Trump, because Democrats Can’t Deliver

    This $1 TRILLION spotlights the differences between Democrats and Republicans, including Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, who has emerged as a strong populist voice demanding an overhaul in how government works. It’s the difference of understanding how to leverage tightening budget resources, and rethinking how government must work better to serve the American people.
    That matters. This $1 TRILLION plays to Trump’s strength! It opens up a whole new dynamic that creates a fighting chance for a fighter—if there’s a leader with entrepreneurial savvy ready to seize it!

    The sad truth is that Democrats could have raced to November with dramatic style and a tremendous victory—except Democrats have shown they are not capable of conceptualizing solutions to the hard constraints confronting Washington today. Democrats are horrible at budget management. And they’re crippled by fanaticism, which opposes innovation entirely. If Hillary Clinton wins in November, or if under performing Democrats take back the Senate, the possibility of a Social Security Endowment (or anything creative like it) would be dead.

    Most wretchedly, Democrats would ignite the very bonfire CITIBANK fears most, burning through this
    $1 TRILLION in one final frenzy of wild spending as federal bankruptcy looms ahead. It would be a total loss for American workers in unstable economic times.

    That’s a loss Americans cannot afford. Voters have got to elect Trump and the Republicans, or else prepare for one final inglorious burst of flames devouring one of America’s last remaining, significant assets!

    Because friends, this $1 TRILLION is all we’ve got!

    Author Bio for Susan Lindauer:

    Susan Lindauer was the Chief Intelligence Asset covering the Iraqi Embassy and the Libya House at the United Nations from 1995 to 2003. She negotiated the Lockerbie Trial with Libyan diplomats, and the return of weapons inspectors with Iraq’s Ambassador. Twice before his speech at the United Nations, she alerted Secretary of State Colin Powell about a peace option that made the Iraq War wholly avoidable, and warned Powell that Iraqi exiles were fabricating intelligence about Baghdad’s non-existent Weapons of Mass Destruction.

    Obviously the story about Iraqi Pre-War Intelligence was distorted. More recently, she’s spearheaded the recovery of stolen federal moneys. Her story illustrates two important truths in Washington—No good deed goes unpunished. And the CIA never lets a good crisis go to waste.

  5. #5 by nooralhaqiqa on 09/24/2016 - 9:34

    Hey Greg, I merely posted this video because I found it and thought to share it. There is no “grasping at straws” by the Ugly Truth involved. It has NOTHING to do with his opposing the Zionists. I found the video and thought considering the time of its inception interesting. That is all. Case closed.

  6. #6 by Joe on 09/25/2016 - 9:34

    Use your brains, dear readers. There is only ONE group of creatures who could have successfully planted the thousands of explosives throughout the buildings. One group that controlled the security of the buildings. One group that controlled the Port Authority. One group that controlled all of the major media which documented and “reported” on the diabolical event. One group, folks. Guess which one. (Hint: They didn’t come from caves in Afghanistan.)

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