Syria: The pig-headed arrogance of the FUKUS Axis

syria kosher imperialism dinner

PRAVDA – FUKUS (France-UK-US), the neo-imperialist Axis, showed its true mettle in Libya where it strafed the water supply network to deprive civilians of water then bombed the electricity grid “to break their backs”. War crimes? Certainly. And here they are again blaming Russia because their moderate terrorists are getting whipped in Syria. The sheer, shitfaced insolence of representatives of the United States of America during the Obama Presidency has been well documented in this column, the latest example being provided by one Samantha Power whose country/allies then went on to bomb dozens of troops in the Syrian Arab Army fighting against Islamist terrorists who have been unleashed in Syria by western bedboys Qatar and Saudi Arabia. Enter center stage Poodle in Chief, the United Kingdom, whose po-faced representative at the United Nations accused Russia of war crimes. CONTINUE READING

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