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Ayelet Shaked claims BDS wants to ‘wipe the Jewish nation off the face of the Earth’


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Atlantic’s New Editor Was IDF Prison Guard, Beat Palestinians


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The deliberately flawed divine Torah


Ed note–as always, our apologies to the readers for forcing them to endure the mad ramblings of this insane rabbi, but there is an important point to be made here, which we’ll start off making by posing the following question–

Would anyone rely on a watch, knowing that is broken and that it only tells the correct time twice a day? Imagine the life of an individual who used such a watch in doing his daily business and in living his daily life. He would not be able to hold down a job or do any of the functions necessary as an individual living in a modern society that relies on punctuality. Imagine an entire society  trying to function the same way, using a clock that was only right twice a day. There would be no order and everything would break down in short time.

And yet as we are told by the ‘good rabbi’, the Torah–which is/has been the foundational basis for Judaism now for thousands of years–is ‘flawed’ and deliberately so… That the creator of the universe, whose brilliance and passion for order did this deliberately, by creating a flawed sense of morals, knowing that it would lead people astray and result in chaos, both at the individual level and all the way upwards to entire societies.

And so, taking the words of the ‘good Rabbi’ at face value, the question must be asked–if indeed this is the case, that the Torah is flawed and by extension, that Judaism–the ‘fruit’ of this barren tree–as well must be flawed, why do these people continue to cling to such a flawed ideology, knowing that it is a broken clock that is only correct 2 times out of the day, a brief microsecond compared to the timespan of 24 hours?

The answer is simple. As Jews, these people suffer from a substance addiction to their Judaism. More than anything else, they love its precepts, i.e. that that raise them up as a ‘species’ above everyone else and which give them the right to steal, lie, cheat, and engage in violence and chicanery in order to enrich, empower, and aggrandize themselves, similar to a person who has an addiction to some mind-altering drug who knows the damage that the drug is doing to them physically but nevertheless who loves the effects of it too much to ever give it up.

This, simply explained, is the reason why no solution to the problems that this flawed spiritual system (with all of the conflicts it has authored throughout history in every society where it has made itself known) can exist until it is declared to be a mental disorder and then dealt with as any rational, sane society would deal with any problem that posed an existential threat to civilized existence. Read the rest of this entry »


US-led coalition killed 300 Syrian civilians in 11 probed strikes – Amnesty


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Russian Air Force in Syria Has Israel on Edge

russia military jet

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Trump Attorney: Donald ‘Has a Gift’ for Homeless Woman Abused for Protecting His Star on Hollywood Walk of Fame


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Israeli Officer Says He Made Up One of the IDF’s Most Iconic Tales of Heroism


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