Moscow preparing itself for possible nuclear attack


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  1. #1 by mothman777 on 10/01/2016 - 9:34

    There are no instructions being issued for safe hiding in any nuclear bomb-proof shelters, or indeed any shelters built, in European countries, with the one exception of Switzerland. I think the same applies to the US, so we are all meant to perish it seems, thanks to the all-out efforts by the criminally insane Jewish leaders of US and Europe to create a nuclear war with Russia (their agents even gave them the weapons in the first place, surely, just for this, a war that cannot be avoided, a war that they will criminally and insanely push on Russia to get us all killed).

  2. #2 by Isaac on 10/01/2016 - 9:34

    Our government does not care about its citizens. They only obey the wishes of the Rothschild’s Criminal Banking Gangsters. One of the Russian commentators say the other day: Russia is the only country in the world that can convert the US into a pile of radioactive ashes.

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