Saturday Alternative Cartoons: October 1, 2016


We have just endured yet another week of sickness, madness and everything in between. Frankly, I am surprised we are still here, albeit blindfolded, shackled and walking a tightrope over a chasm of constant danger. This week I offer cartoons on the following: Racism. Obama. Shimon Peres. (Can we add RIH to the list of appropriate funereal responses ~ Rest in Hell?) Pressure cookers. George Soros. Brangelina. Putin. The “chosen” ones. (Always ask, “Chosen by whom?” I can guarantee your answer, if you get one, will not surprise youm but you, dear reader, know by whom they are chosen and for what purpose.) Oh, and for the election junkies (Like me) some on the  so-called debate.

Carry on over to Snippits and Snappits for more. Grab a drink of whatever strikes your fancy en route and enjoy the cartoons.

Saturday Alternative Cartoons

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