Jewish Survivor Reveals Plan to Murder 6 Million Germans


ed note–several ‘goodies’ worth noting here.

1. This all comes from JEWISH sources, so groups such as ADL et al whose job is to consign every indictment of criminal Jewish behavior into the never-never land of ‘baseless anti-Semitic conspiracy theories and canards’ cannot be applied here. This did not come from the Protocols, from any AY-rab government or from Mel Gibson. It came right out of the mouths of those who were directly involved in it at the time, and they were all Jews, acting in accordance with what their religion teaches concerning revenge against Gentiles, i.e. ‘an eye for an eye’ as well as the mass murder of innocent men, women, and children as outlined in various passages of the Old Testament.

2. Note that the only opposition to it from leaders such as Ben Gurion was not based upon the notion that murdering innocent men, women, and children was wrong, but rather that by doing so, it would endanger the support that the Jews needed in creating their infernal, diabolical state. Furthermore, as noted in the piece, the ‘real revenge’ that those Jews operating within the ‘smarter’ circles of La Kosher Nostra envisioned was the BILLIONS of dollars in reparations that the Jewish state would  pilfer from the Germans in the coming years which would have been jeopardized if the full extent of the plan–murdering 6 million German civilians–were carried out.

and finally–

3. What it shows is how demented and diabolic is the mind that is driven by the religious precepts of Judaism. If any other group–Muslim, Christian or otherwise–were to devise a plan to murder 6 million people, and ESPECIALLY if they were Jews, why, the world would never hear the end of it. And just where, oh where is all the Judaic soul searching? Where are the thinkers, teachers and philosophers within the synagogue, asking existential questions about how such a plan operating at the very highest levels within what was the Jewish leadership at that time, could be devised?

Silent as death, because they know that this–and even worse than this–is the inescapable by-product of Judaism and all its murderous precepts.  

Furthermore, all can rest assured that despite the fact that the plan never went through that nevertheless it has only been put on hold and that when Pax Judaica decides it is time to unleash all those nukes that they have saved for exactly the purpose of revenging themselves upon the Christian and Muslim worlds for billions of years of ‘anti-Shemitism’ that they are going to do it and will do so believing that the god of the Jews–Yahweh–is pleased by it all. 


Israel’s first president supported a Jewish group’s plans to murder Germans immediately after World War II, according to the man who led the group of avengers.

Details of the plan, which included poisoning bread at a bakery, were unveiled by Lithuanian-born Joseph Harmatz, 73, in an interview published last week in the British newspaper the Observer.

Harmatz, who lost two brothers in the Holocaust, led an organization — Din, or Judgment — made up of survivors of the Vilna Ghetto. Their overall objective: the deaths of 6 million Germans as vengeance for the Jews who died in the Holocaust.

The idea for the organization apparently came from the poet Abba Kovner — a leader of the Lithuanian partisans who is credited with describing Jews as “being led like lambs to the slaughter” — and Vitka, his partisan girlfriend and later his wife.

As a first step, Kovner was sent to Tel Aviv to win the support of the Jewish leaders in Mandatory Palestine for a plan to poison Germans.

David Ben-Gurion, then head of the Jewish Agency and later Israel’s first prime minister, was appalled by the idea of mass killing and was worried that it would prejudice the chance of establishing a state.

Zalman Shazar, who later become Israel’s third president, was also hostile to the plan.

Said Harmatz, who from 1960 to 1994 was the head of the World ORT network of Jewish-sponsored vocational institutions: “His idea of revenge was the reparations that Israel would later exact from the Germans.”

But Israel’s president, Chaim Weizmann, was more receptive.

“He approved of our plans,” said Harmatz, “and recommended a scientist who would make a poison for us.” The scientist was a professor at the Sieff Institute in Rehovot, which later became the Weizmann Institute.

In fact, Weizmann was not explicitly identified by Harmatz in his book “From the Wings,” which is slated to be published in May in England by The Book Guild. In his book, Harmatz refers to Weizmann simply as “an elder.”

But Harmatz agreed with the Observer interviewer that the “elder” was actually Weizmann, and that the Zionist leader was integral to Din’s operation.

Why did Weizmann agree to help? “I can only think that he was leader of the Jewish people,” said Harmatz, “and, like many of these leaders, he had the feeling he had not done enough during the years of the Holocaust.”

At their meeting, Kovner told Weizmann that the group was planning to poison a few thousand loaves of bread intended for former SS guards who were being held at the jails and concentration camps where they had served during the war.

The story was only partly true — that was a back-up plan. Din also wanted, among its other plans, to poison the water supply of the German city of Nuremberg. But, recalls Harmatz, he did not tell Weizmann about this plan because “we did not want to frighten” Weizmann.

Eventually, the Rehovot professor recommended by Weizmann produced an odorless, colorless substance that he said would be sufficient to poison one night’s production of bread at the bakery that supplied four prisons and concentration camps, including Dachau.

But Kovner did not make it back to Europe with his lethal cargo. Returning on a British ship, Kovner was arrested by British police, who apparently knew of the plot. The stocks of poison, concealed in cans of condensed milk in Kovner’s cabin, were thrown overboard by other members of the group, but Kovner was arrested and sent to an Egyptian jail.

Harmatz took over the leadership of Din. To this day, he is uncertain who betrayed the plan, but suspects that it was some members of the Zionist leadership who he believes feared that Din’s success would have jeopardized their hopes for statehood.

With their stocks of Rehovot poison lying at the bottom of the Mediterranean, Harmatz abandoned the idea of poisoning Nuremberg’s water supply, the group acquired a small quantity of arsenic and reverted to the more modest, bread- poisoning plan they had outlined to Weizmann.

One Saturday night in April 1945, members of Din broke into the Stalag 13 camp at Nuremberg and, with a artist’s brush, Harmatz painted 3,000 loaves of black bread with poison.

“What was very important was that the material we used was arsenic, a poison which settles. So we had to have people mixing it all the time while I was smearing it on to the bread,” he said.

At the time, he estimated that 12,000 people would be killed. For Harmatz, the following day would be wonderful: “That morning, I thought of my family,” he said. “I felt very good that a job was going to be accomplished.”

The plan called for them to move to Czechoslovakia. But the plan was only partially successful: They made it into the country, but the poison was not as strong as they had expected.

Only about 300 and 400 former guards at Nazi jails and concentration camps were killed, according to Harmatz.

Soon thereafter, the organization called off its plans.

The head of the research institute at the Yad Vashem museum in Jerusalem cast doubts on Harmatz’s recollection of events.

Yehuda Bauer, a retired professor of Holocaust history at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, said he had read accounts of the event and described the story as “old hat.”

“It did happen and it is likely that many people got sick,” he said, “but I believe the number of people who were killed has been exaggerated.”

After the state was established, Harmatz decided that the burden of retribution had passed to Israel’s new leaders, and he declined Kovner’s appeals to launch a fresh revenge attempt. Kovner followed his lead and gave up dreams of vengeance, becoming one of the great poets of the new state. He died some 10 years ago.

As for Harmatz, he eventually settled in Israel. He studied law and then ran the Israel end of a French shipping line.

For the last 13 years of his work at ORT, Harmatz was based in London, where the British government consulted him about setting up vocational schools. He also advised the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization in Paris and served on various U.N. committees. He even went to Germany to consult on overseas aid projects.

Harmatz, now living in a suburb of Tel Aviv, harbors some regrets.

“It didn’t work out,” he says. “The 300 or 400 we poisoned was nothing compared with what we really wanted to do.”

  1. #1 by mothman777 on 10/02/2016 - 9:34

    Many thanks for putting this article up, and for your comment, which is absolutely right on.

    What is especially sickening is how the Jews actually teach each other to believe in the holocaust, and then hysterically work each other up to seek to take ‘revenge’ for it, a holocaust that never occurred.

    What if the world did the same to the Jews for all the holocausts they have really initiated against the Gentiles, for all the hundreds of millions of deaths the Jews have inflicted on Gentiles over the centuries? There would not be a single Jew left.

    Gutle Schnaper, wife of Mayer Amschel Rothschild stated “If my sons did not want wars, there would be none”. There have been plenty of wars, and there still are plenty of wars, and more are planned all the time.

    How many millions of Gentiles died in Jewish instigated WWI and WWII, look at the 66 million dead Christians in Russia after the Jewish Bolshevik takeover of Russia in 1917, and the Chinese deaths of 100 million instigated by Jewish controlled Communism in China, and the 100 million or so dead indigenous American Indians slaughtered by Jew Christopher Columbus and his followers, and the 10-12 million South American indigenous Indians slaughtered under the mainly Jewish ‘Spanish’ conquistador leaders.

    And there are plenty more instances where Jews have instigated genocidal mass killings, yet they constantly bludgeon us with tales of oppressed and suffering Jews, and hysterical inventions about 6 million dead or dying Jews in various different alleged holocausts in various countries over the years, including Russia, Poland, as well as Germany.

    While the Jews were actually butchering Christians in Russia, quite literally, in the Western press the Jews cheekily put articles in the newspapers appealing for aid to help 6 million allegedly persecuted and dying Jews in Russia, which is absolutely typical of the Jews, as they will butcher countless numbers of Gentiles, all the while appealing to the brainwashed altruistic Gentile dupes in the West to send aid to … JEWS! That little trick always seems to work for the Jews, as people do not like to think too deeply for the most part, and they think that if something is printed in black and white in some (Jewish controlled) newspaper, then it must be factual reality, and so they lend their sympathies and provide massive financial aid to the Jews, yet again.

    If one white person poisoned people in England, for instance, he would be committed to Broadmoor top security mental hospital just as the serial poisoner Graham Young was, yet this Jew criminal terrorist, whose head was filled with paranoid delusions of 6 million dead Jews, then actually poisoned to death 300 to 400 (completely innocent) people according to his own statement, and was astonishingly then actually employed by the British government, not nutted off for natural life as an extreme danger to people. It is absolutely astonishing that this murderous Jew was given the senior posts that he was, and in the specific fields that he was. Of course, the British government has been riddled with parasitic Jews for many years who are quite insane themselves, so that accounts for that.

  2. #2 by Paco on 10/02/2016 - 9:34

    Less than one million jews died in the so-called holocaust, but 6 is their magical cabalistic signature

  3. #3 by mothman777 on 10/03/2016 - 9:34

    @ Paco. The official International Red Cross figure for deaths of all categories, nationalities, peoples and races of prisoner in German camps, from all causes, including Russian and other POW’s, political prisoners, criminals, with inmates being paid good wages for camp labour, and Jews receiving training in agriculture and machine work skills to equip them for life outside Germany prior to transfer to Palestine (which Allied naval action put a stop to, as it became no longer safe to send Jews to Palestine due to naval action) is 271,304, though this figure was later revised very slightly higher by the International Red Cross, who attended camps throughout the war, and who stated that no gas chambers were ever in operation there for the purposes of killing any human beings.

    The proportion of Jews amongst that number would have been very small indeed, considering the huge numbers of Russian POW’s for instance. Around 50,000 to 55,000 at the most would be a fairly accurate number of Jews who may have died, if that, maybe even 35,000 would be more likely a figure. Jewish Communists would sometimes murder other Jews in the camps who were unwilling to become Communists. Allied bombing raids killed some inmates, and I have seen photos of such instances, with dead inmates in striped clothes laid out in front of barracks that had had their roofs bombed in, and of course, most deaths occurred purely due to Allied action destroying transportation networks, making it impossible to transfer food and medicines to the inmates.

    The Justice for Germans site even had information that throughout the war, there existed an agreement between the Russians and Germans to take Jews from the German-run camps, and many Jews passed through those camps in transit to Russia, where they lived safely in Russia, probably in Birobidzhan, until the end of the war, when they were free to come back to Germany and claim compensation for having been in the camps.

    The West German Finance Minister, I think in 1974, stated that well over 4 million Jews, about 4.25 or 4.75 million Jews, I cannot remember the exact figure now, but an actual figure was provided at the time, down to the last digit, were claiming compensation at that time for having allegedly been in the camps.

    There were only about 3.5 million Jews in all of occupied Europe at the time of WWII and well over 2 million of them were transferred or travelled to Russia to sit out the war safely (that was being waged for their sinister purposes alone).

    500,000 French Jews were never deported from occupied France, 60,000 Jews were transferred to Palestine, when Madagascar became unviable as a destination for them.

    150,000 Jews served in the German armed forces, so very few actually went ‘missing’, whereas the number of Gentiles in the world was vastly reduced by several scores of millions when comparing figures before and after the war, whereas the Jewish world population figures astoundingly actually INCREASED when the Jewish world population census was taken immediately after WWII, by about 400,000, according to their own estimates.

    Of course, the Gentiles can never be allowed to even ponder for a moment on the fact that Jews alone created WWII, and cost the lives of so many Gentiles, so every effort is relentlessly and unceasingly made to enforce a constant Orwellian state of mourning for falsely alleged Jewish losses, lest Gentiles wake up even for a moment and consider their own losses due to the insatiable lust for genocidal war by the Parasite Jews amongst them.

  4. #4 by joe on 10/04/2016 - 9:34

    JEWS in Europe before the war, 8,038,000+-, after 9,378,000+-. Every war since 730 AD when Judaism was invented by the zionists of eastern Turkey , province of Khazaria has been a zionist Jewish banker’s war. Think Rothschild, nee bauer, nee Prazz.

  5. #5 by mothman777 on 10/06/2016 - 9:34

    @ Joe; In 1939, The American Jewish Committee Bureau of the Synagogue Council cited a world Jewish population of 15.6 million.

    On February 22nd 1948, The New York Times listed Jews worldwide at 15.6 million plus another 600,000 to 700,000 living in Palestine, coming to a total of 16.2 million, actually 600,000 to 700,000 more than when the war started.

    The Jewish Almanac themselves give a varying figure of 15.6 million in 1946, again, giving no change to figures before the war.

    Interestingly, official Jewish world population figures had been steadily going down before the war anyway, but the World Almanac gives these interesting figures, showing Jewish population actually going up during the war at two points, with just 1942 showing a decrease, though this is likely due to statistical error.

    1940 15.3 million
    1941 15.7 million
    1942 15.1 million
    1947 15.6 million
    1949 15.7 million

    From ‘The Holocaust Hoax Exposed, by Victor Thorn pages 18-19.

    German records for deaths at Auschwitz were 150,000 total from all nationalities, of which only 30,000 were listed as Jewish, so taking one fifth of 271,304 we come to a likely maximum Jewish death total in all camps of just over 54,000.

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