Former CIA Detainees Describe Previously Unknown Torture Tactic: A Makeshift Electric Chair

RT – “I saw an electric box, the chair. They said, ‘We will torture you with electricity here,’” El-Gherissi said. El-Gherissi said he was forced into the chair and connected to the machine, but was never actually electrocuted. The abuses of the two men took place at the Salt Pit – a converted brick factor north of Kabul, Afghanistan, referred to in the Senate’s Torture Report as “Detention Site COBALT.”

The makeshift electric chair is a missing detail from the 499-page redacted executive summary of the US Senate Report on Torture, which described a panoply of cruel torture techniques – from waterboarding and heat deprivation to sodomy and routinely hanging detainees suspended from a bar for almost a day. The full Senate Report, over 6,000 pages, is still classified.


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