Israeli navy forces prepares to attack Women’s Boats heading to break Gaza’s siege


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  1. #1 by Bill Burroughs on 10/04/2016 - 9:34

    Well, the world’s most cowardly faggot cockroach army should have no problem at all taking on two boats of unarmed women, after all, in Israhell they have mastered the brave art of terrorizing and bullying and murdering preschool kids riding their bikes, school kids on the way to class, elderly olive farmers, housewives, fishermen, humanitarian workers, etc. One can only hope (or perhaps fantasize) that some Iranian and Russian battle cruisers will show up and send this Navy of demons to the bottom of the sea. I can tell you one thing, if I ever happen to randomly encounter any current or ex-Israeli IDF fuckers on the streets of my city, without a single word of exchange, I will quietly un-holster my Glock and blow their fuckin heads off right there on the street. These things called Israhellians need to have a very strong message sent to them from every citizen of planet earth – Tolerance time is up! We are not going to put up with their shit any longer! The Jew bullies need to die, or live in constant fear of a billion angry awakened armed Gentiles.

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