Far-right Swedish Lawmaker Slammed for Decrying ‘Jewish Control of Media’


Naming a media group with Jewish roots, Anna Hagwall says ‘no family or ethnic group should be allowed to control more than 5 percent of the media.’

ed note–putting aside current events, and by that we mean all the bloodshed which the Jewish state perpetrates/commits on a daily basis against the Palestinians–if there were one issue alone that underscores the INHERENT danger these people pose to the world, it is their magnetic pull towards lying in all its forms, and among those various forms, perhaps the most blatant is the concerted, organized screeching campaign in which they engage whenever someone dares bring up the FACT–not theory–that indeed, the lion’s share of media control (at least within the West) is firmly cemented within Jewish hands.

This one fact alone, that Jews will state with a straight face that Judaic control of the media is a ‘myth’ and a ‘canard’ conjured up by ‘anti-Shemites’ when they themselves know this to be an incontestable fact should serve as a warning sire to all persons breathing free air on God’s green earth, because if they would so brazenly lie about this–something as undeniable as water being wet–then what other items more serious in nature–such as their religiously-induced hatred for Gentiles and planned incineration of the planet with Judaic nuclear weapons–are they willing to lie about as well?

Jesus said it best–They are of their father, the devil, who was a liar from the beginning and the father of lies’.


An anti-Semitism watchdog in Sweden accused a far-right lawmaker of spreading racist stereotypes of Jews while speaking out against “control of media by any family or ethnic group.”

Anna Hagwall, a lawmaker for the Sweden Democrats party in the Riksdag, Sweden’s national legislative body, submitted a motion on September 30 that proposes to condition state subsidies of media in Sweden on the plurality of entities that own the publications.
In a statement to the Aftonbladet daily, she named specifically the Bonnier Group — a privately held Swedish media group of dozens companies operating in 15 countries that was started and is still controlled by the Bonnier family, which has Jewish roots.

Opposing state funding for local publications owned by the group, Hagwall wrote in the email: “Let the small Bonnier newspapers in the provinces go under. No family, ethnic group or company should be allowed to control more than 5 percent of the media” market.
Her statement triggered rebuke within her own party and by the Swedish Committee Against Antisemitism.

“The anti-Semitic myths fueled by a member of the Swedish Parliament are frightening,” the committee’s chairperson, Svante Weyler, wrote in a statement published Thursday.

By “implying that an ethnic group controls the media, Hagwall indulged in anti-Semitic propaganda on the notion that Jews control the media,” Weyler added. “This type of attack against Bonnier has a long tradition that continues to this day, not least in right-wing propaganda.”

Mattias Karlsson, a leader of the Sweden Democrats, said in a statement Thursday that Hagwall’s actions “have damaged our confidence in her” and “will have consequences for her future activities in the party and its parliamentary work.”

  1. #1 by lolathecur on 10/08/2016 - 9:34

    Simple facts of life: death, taxes and jewd lie!

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