WATCH – American stupidity is worse than terrorism

  1. #1 by slindauer2010 on 10/08/2016 - 9:34

    Editors, you need to run this story. We’ve got 1,500+ pages of documentation that prove my team’s contribution. Hillary’s not even elected, and she’s already stealing from the Federal Treasury. This is ground for impeachment if God forbid, Hillary wins. Women and black voters need to hear this.

    How Hillary’s Campaign Stole a Woman’s Rewards from the Federal Treasury

    By Susan Lindauer

    You don’t want to be in my living room when a campaign ad for Hillary Clinton comes on television bragging about her devotion to women, or worse, inviting women to share our ideas at Hillary’s table.

    I made that mistake, girlfriend! I trusted Hillary Clinton. I don’t want any other woman to be deceived by such a calculating liar as I was, or to suffer what I have, because of it.

    Equal pay for equal work? How about “nothing from nothing is nothing.” I learned the hard way that women are campaign props in the Democrats’ universe, nothing more. Democrats exploit women for what they can get out of us, then cheat us out of our hard won rewards on federal projects. Hillary’s Campaign itself has been caught stealing rewards owed to women on federal projects, and handing it off to her crony friends, who pay kickbacks to her campaign.

    My story’s a perfect example of how the system’s rigged against the Middle Class.

    Largest Seizure of Stolen Funds in History– NINE seizures totaling $87 BILLION

    My team proudly orchestrated the largest recovery of stolen federal moneys in U.S history–
    $87 BILLION in NINE seizures with another $1 TRILLION in the pipeline today.

    In point of fact, my team’s four year investigation identified $4 TRILLION of the $6.5 TRILLION the Pentagon acknowledged in August, 2016 has been lost to outright theft, fraudulent billing or haphazard bookkeeping. And we have a pretty good idea how to get most of it back!

    Over 1,500+ pages of evidence testify to the bull-headed tenacity that drove us throughout this very difficult project, tracking the federal inmate who stole taxpayer moneys, while overseeing investments for the Pentagon and CIA black budgets. I personally engaged with him 24/7, 365 days a year, including Christmas and the 4th of July, as he instructed his crew outside prison how to access and interact with stolen accounts and financial instruments belonging to the Federal Government. My team did everything right. We notified U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder’s office in July 2012, the FBI and the Secret Service, and continued to deliver regular updates to House and Senate Democrats to this day.

    Hillary’s Campaign Grabs Rewards for Hush Money

    You’d think the Feds would be grateful. You’d be surprised. The hardest part was persuading the Obama Administration to go after stolen accounts. Predictably, banks want to hold onto stolen federal money, and Democrats lack the backbone to stand up for American taxpayers. Bureaucrats would only go after low hanging fruit—$1 BILLION here, $1 BILLION there. But our guy stole “real” money.

    In February, 2015, Senator Ben Cardin helped us file for Whistleblower Rewards through the Treasury Department, citing our $80 BILLION and the $1 TRILLION. It took the federal debt crisis in March, 2015, which left zero funding available for the Department of Homeland Security, before the Obama Administration got off its lazy tush to make the seizure–two years after we first requested it.

    Low and behold, in late October, 2015, my team was thrilled to hear Fort MacDill had recovered our $80 BILLION from HSBC. Our joy turned to bitter ash, however, as we watched more powerful individuals with greater political access jump in to snatch our rewards.

    Who do you think grabbed our rewards?? Here’s a clue: From the start we provided updates to the FBI in Baltimore and the U.S Secret Service via the Bill and Hillary Clinton Foundation in New York. The Secret Service tracks stolen Treasury notes and investigates cyber-crime on behalf of the Department of Homeland Security. Also, girlfriend, I confess that like many of you, I was duped by Hillary’s pro-woman message. I expected Hillary’s staff to appreciate the complexity of our project, and support our right to rewards– especially in light of Hillary’s loud and frequent promise to empower women voters.

    We got a shocker instead. The same week our $80 BILLION arrived at Fort MacDill in October 2015, more than $28 MILLION from our “finders fee” was paid directly to Hillary Clinton’s campaign, including 10% for hush money—close to $3 MILLION for one of her campaign antagonists, Gene “Chip” Tatum.

    There’s no point in denying it. Chip’s a friend of mine. He called to inform me of the payment himself before realizing it was money peeled off from my team’s $80 BILLION that Fort MacDill was dividing amongst its friends—including Democrat candidate for President, Hillary Rodham Clinton..

    And us??? We got nothing. Zilch. Zero.

    Why take our money? Who does that?

    And who’s Chip Tatum?

    Former CIA Operative Gene “Chip” Tatum is a man of much notoriety on the blogs and internet radio. He retired from the CIA in 1993-94—more than 20 years ago.

    Chip Tatum was one of the CIA’s pilots in Operation Red Rock, who flew the notorious cocaine shipments from Latin America into the United States via Mena, Arkansas during Iran-Contra. That’s the original cash source of our $80 BILLION, compounded with investment earnings.. A true American anti-hero, Chip has also done two tours in federal prison as payback for blowing the whistle on the drug connection to Iran-Contra. In between prison, he vanished into hiding in Colombia, a true life- Rambo cum Jason Bourne. Once upon a time the CIA blasted reports of his death across the international media when a corpse washed up on a Panama beach missing a face.

    Chip Tatum was in hiding, because for 20+ years, he has sworn that former Governor Bill Clinton used to pull up in his chauffeured limousine at the Mena Airstrip, flanked by Arkansas State Troopers, to collect pay offs from those cocaine shipments. And everybody on the blogs know that Chip swore he stashed copies of those audiotapes all over hell itself, documenting the transactions with Bill Clinton, as a sort of life insurance. He swore the tapes would be released immediately if he was ever killed.

    Yes, Chip’s a bad ass. And we all love him for it! I consider him a friend, even now.

    After his second tour in prison—which the Feds required as payback for the inconvenience they suffered by his hiding out for years—Chip began loudly threatening to release tapes of those payoffs to former Governor Bill Clinton, .what with Hillary running for President.

    The Feds couldn’t hurt him with double jeopardy. Now was the opportunity for revenge. Tens of thousands of radio listeners heard Chip vow to expose the real source of the Clinton family wealth from cocaine trafficking. There’s no point denying it. Chip threatened the Clintons loudly and often on internet radio, archived by dozens of radio hosts.

    Suddenly in October, 2015, Chip Tatum announced he was going back to Colombia to live quietly with his young son. He announced that he’d reconsidered his threats against Hillary Clinton, and decided not to release the damaging tapes after all. He also told a lot of people he’d got money.

    Several bloggers furiously castigated Chip for his change of heart. Everybody recognized the importance of those tapes, Moreover, everybody could see Chip had done a 180 degree turn-about. They just couldn’t figure out how it came about.

    My team knew the answer. We got it straight from Chip himself. He’s one of the few who has known I’ve been working to recover stolen federal funds. Moreover Chip understands I tackled this project as an opportunity to rebuild my life after the vicious attack I suffered for my vocal opposition to the Iraq War..

    Given this extreme sensitivity of Chip’s threats against the Clintons, however, my team had been very careful never to reveal to Chip that one of the medium-size caches of stolen federal moneys came from Operation Red Rock/Dragon, or that our federal inmate boasted he “stole the CIA’s drug money from Iran-Contra,” including funds from Latin America and Southeast Asia So Chip had no idea our money was tied to his old operation from the 1980s, which got stolen back in 1998-99.

    We never dropped that bomb on Congress or the Secret Service at the Clinton Foundation, either! We just wanted to get the $80 BILLION back because the U.S Treasury’s broke! And damn right, we wanted to get paid! The source was irrelevant.

    The U.S. Treasury as Hillary’s Private Bank

    Red Rock is clearly identified in emails from the federal inmate’s crew outside prison. But only somebody intimately connected to the Operation would recognize the significance of the code name, or what it entailed, much less its historic ties to the Clintons.

    Close confidantes of Bill and Hillary recognized exactly what it meant, and that a key player involved in that 1980s operation, Bill and Hillary’s long-time antagonist, Chip Tatum, was threatening to spill the beans on the old cocaine payoffs at Mena to burn Hillary’s Presidential ambitions at that very moment.

    When the $80 BILLION came into Fort MacDill, the Secret Service was expecting the seizure, because I informed them myself it was in the pipeline! The Clinton Foundation got paper and electronic copies of our Whistleblower rewards application in February, 2015. We wanted the Secret Service to know about our rewards application, in case they got inquiries from the Treasury Department.

    Low and behold, the Clinton Foundation swooped down, and grabbed my team’s rightful rewards as soon as funds hit Fort MacDill.

    On October 24, 2015, I spoke with Chip Tatum by skype for 49 minutes 13 seconds. Jubilantly he informed me that Fort MacDill had called him up, and asked him to come sign papers regarding his old Operation “from the 1980s–” The Feds had made a huge seizure of funds connected to it. Joy! “They were getting 20 percent for military hardware”– and he was getting paid, too!. Then he said ecstatically, “I can go back to Colombia to be with my son now.”

    The following week our $80 BILLION got reported to Congress.

    In short, the same week our $80 BILLION arrived, Fort MacDill worked up a deal to pay more than $28 MILLION to the Clinton Campaign,

    Chip has clarified that he got 10% of that payment, somewhere close to $3 MILLION. The exact figure we leave to the FBI and an Independent Prosecutor from the Justice Department to determine.

    If Hillary Clinton does get elected, my team shall fight for her Impeachment starting November 10. Why? Because Fort MacDill peeled funds off the newly recovered $80 BILLION, while money was still off the Treasury books, and was therefore more or less untraceable—unless you understood the history of the accounts. And the only reason to pay Chip Tatum anything at all was to stop his release of audiotapes that would damage Hillary Clinton’s Presidential ambitions. That makes his pay off a campaign expense. They allowed Hillary to use the Federal Treasury as her own private bank.

    Why Pay Hush Money to Hide the Origins of Clinton Family Wealth?

    Very simply, Hillary and Bill got very rich from the CIA’s role in drug trafficking, and Hillary covets the votes of African Americans who got targeted in drug stings by federal law enforcement. Hundreds of thousands of black men ended up in prison with major sentencing—sometimes life in prison.

    Black communities were destroyed by drug trafficking. Black children had no fathers in the homes. Black women struggled alone to keep their children and teenagers off the streets.

    State and local police got over-run with drug-related crimes—thefts, murders, squabbling over drug territories, overdoses—a whole crime industry arose out of the cocaine nightmare that descended on inner-cities. One of every 15 African-American men and one of every 36 Hispanic men are in prison for drug crimes. One of every three black men can expect to go to prison in their lifetime. Drugs don’t discriminate! Everybody’s a loser.

    Except Bill and Hillary Clinton, who were smack in the middle of Black America’s waking nightmare. The Clintons got rich off the CIA’s drug trafficking. And Bill ran for Governor of Arkansas.

    That’s what Hillary Clinton paid hush money to hide!

    What’s in it for Fort MacDill?

    Fort MacDill used newly recovered (stolen) federal moneys that were still off the Treasury books to cover Hillary’s campaign expenses for the pay off. And they stole a woman’s rewards to do it! That’s a major felony on many different levels So why would Fort MacDill break so many laws for Hillary?

    Most Americans don’t know that Fort MacDill is run by federal defense contractors—not active duty military personnel—who oversee daily budget management for the Pentagon. My team’s four year investigation of stolen federal moneys discovered that Fort MacDill has become a cesspool of thievery—responsible for $6.5 TRILLION in theft and fraudulent billing to the Pentagon. The situation is so bad that as fast as stolen moneys are recovered, funds are cut up and peeled off and stolen again.

    Despite repeated warnings, Democrats in the Obama Administration have performed a horrible job of controlling thefts from the Pentagon and overseeing budget resources. The next Administration must do much better.

    If that Administration works for Hillary Clinton, does anyone think that will happen?

    My team argues that Chip Tatum should get immunity in exchange for identifying individuals who are contributing to this network of thievery. We know that in October, 2015, Chip had no idea he was talking to the woman who worked around the clock, 24/7 for THREE YEARS to make this particular seizure happen. He had no idea that as team leader, I pounded the FBI and the Secret Service, via the Clinton Foundation to capture this $80 BILLION. Or that Senator Ben Cardin’s Legislative Director, Bill Van Horne, had notified the Director of Intelligence Services, the CIA, the Justice Department, the Office of Special Counsel, and the Inspector General of the Treasury Department when Cardin’s office filed my Whistleblower application on February 3, 2015.

    Chip had no idea that my team’s right to rewards was thoroughly documented by 1,500+ pages of evidence, or that our U.S. District Court Case # 1-15-CV-01083 was filed on July 10, 2015.

    When I casually mentioned the federal inmate’s ALIAS, Chip answered “You mean, B—R—S—.”
    For a moment, we both got quiet.

    There’s no doubt about it. Though my team is firmly convinced Chip never intended to steal from us, and dreads admitting it now, Chip Tatum got paid rewards owed to MY TEAM for the $80 BILLION recovery. He got paid the same week our captured funds hit Fort MacDill, but while moneys were still officially off the Treasury books. So it was pretty much untraceable.

    It was strictly hush money to protect Hillary Clinton. That qualifies as a payment to Hillary’s campaign It means she grabbed our finders’ fee. We got nothing.

    A few months later we heard Chip bought a 1,000 acre ranch in Colombia. Thanks to the internet, with a little more digging, we were able to view the physical locale at His ranch features hundreds of acres of coffee trees and plantains; hundreds of acres of “medical marijuana” and 200+ herd of cattle. Not bad, considering that prior to this pay off, Chip had been working part-time security for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Glad to know somebody’s enjoying the fruits of our hard labor!

    In July, Chip made an extraordinary clarification: The $28 MILLION was actually paid into an account for the CIA’s long defunct Project Pegasus, which just happened to be the old CIA twin of Operation Red Rock—the source of the captured money. Like its twin, Pegasus had been shut down for 20+ years. Notably, Pegasus was a dirty tricks op from the 1980s intended to subvert and silence political opponents, using extortion, threats against family, whatever it takes to shut down political opposition.

    And here Hillary was running a political campaign for President with a history of dirty tricks!

    Pay to Play for Future Corruption at Fort MacDill

    Bottom line: No matter the immense wealth available to the Clinton Foundation, Hillary Clinton used the U.S. Treasury as her private bank to finance her campaign and pay off her campaign adversary.
    And Hillary stole a woman’s rewards from a hard won project to do it.

    That’s no accident. Whoever gets elected to the White House in November will face a serious challenge to stop thievery off the Pentagon budget. That kick back gives Hillary a cash incentive to protect the status quo for defense contractors who are robbing the Pentagon of increasingly tight resources. It’s a direct enticement for the Clinton Family Foundation to partake in Pentagon spoils, too, so long as her Administration does not reconfigure the daily budget management back to active-duty military control.

    If you think stealing from the Treasury’s a nifty idea, you should vote for Hillary!

    As for my team, we’re FURIOUS that we got robbed of our much deserved rewards on this highly successful project. As a woman, I strongly believe Hillary Clinton is preaching phony feminism. Democrats are exploiting women as campaign props, then cheating us out of what’s rightfully ours.

    Girlfriend, I never saw this coming. I feel like the worst sort of fool. I want to shout from the rooftops Hillary’s feminism is a fraud. A rip off. A con. A scam. And we women are the losers. It hurts my heart.

    As a woman, I’m sure Democrats expected me to “understand” that Hillary “needs” to take my money, because it’s available, and she’s got more important uses for it than I do! She’s financing her campaign to be the First Woman President after all. I should be a good girl and swallow my bitter losses as a womanly sacrifice for Hillary’s superior ambitions.

    Except I won’t. Hillary’s the worst sort of selfish, narcissistic politician.. She stole from the Treasury and she stole from me.

    Girlfriend, I would never be so stupid to trust Hillary again!

    And neither should you!

    Bio of Susan Lindauer

    Susan Lindauer was the Chief CIA and Defense Intelligence Asset who covered Iraq and Libya at the United Nations prior to the War in Baghdad. She got into trouble for opposing the Iraq War, afater TWICE warning Secretary of State Colin Powell before his big speech at the United Nations that Iraqi exiles were fabricating wildly dishonest reports about illegal weapons in Baghdad. Powell lived next door to her CIA handler. So there’s no question he received her papers.

    Powell gave her papers to the FBI. They arrested her on the Patriot Act, clearing the way for Powell to duck responsibility for his own egregious judgment proselytizing for the Bush Administration.

    As they say, no good deed goes unpunished in Washington. The corollary is that no good crisis ever goes to waste, either.

    Fast forward to the Obama Administration. Nobody cared what happened to Lindauer until she launched a radio blitz describing rampant thievery off the Pentagon and CIA black budgets, and how Democrats have a poor track record of helping flesh and blood women who get robbed.

    Obama was locked in a bitter re-election fight, and wanted the women’s vote badly. That’s when Lindauer was offered this project to recover stolen federal funds from a federal inmate, who used to run the CIA and Pentagon black budgets. The rest, as they say, will be history.

  2. #2 by mothman777 on 10/08/2016 - 9:34

    Her speaking is very precise and to the point, yet the Jews in power will continue to act as if they have not even heard a single word she has said, that is always their way.

    Her speaking is admirable for its insight, objectivity, honesty and directness, but the Jews of course just don’t give a damn, they are only interested in relentlessly pursuing their evil agenda for world domination and massive loss of life of Gentiles.

    And she is of course, being a very intelligent woman, being very polite about those behind terrorism in the ME, and maybe she thinks that they are remotely capable of operating intellectually on the same wavelength as her, but the Jews and their controlled representatives are in their own little dimension, thoroughly opposed to the welfare of all of us. Words mean nothing to Jews, they will just continue to bulldoze over everyone else as long as someone is just talking to them.

    “Even the best of Gentiles should all be killed”. That is what she needs to take into account to be able to deal with these people properly. There are no ‘good Jews’.

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