A Clinton Presidency=An Expanded War in Syria


ed note–While there could–and we stress COULD–be the possibility that Clinton is only ‘talking tough’ on the issue of Syria as the author of this piece theorizes, the fact is this–if/when Israel decides to ‘jump start’ things by blowing up an American naval vessel as she did to the USS LIBERTY in 1967, whatever reservations Clinton might have right now about raising the war cry and grabbing her tomahawk will disappear faster than a bag of $100 bills left on the sidewalk of a major American city. Of the 2 candidates, the only one with the guts and the grey matter needed in pulling back from such a made-in-Israel disaster is Trump, which is why the JPTB are in perpetual screech mode in trying to destroy his chances at the presidency, and why we at this website have maintained a zero tolerance policy for those wishing to propagate the baseless assertion that Trump is ‘owned by the Jews’.

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