‘It will be a bloodbath’: Inside the Kansas militia plot to (re)ignite the Crusades


WASHINGTON POST – The “Crusaders” knew they wanted to kill Muslims — and with luck, use the “bloodbath” to ignite a religious war — but for months they couldn’t settle on a plan. The easiest way would be to grab guns, go to the predominantly Somali-Muslim apartment complex they’d been surveilling and start kicking in doors, court documents said. They would spare no one, not even babies. In the end, they decided to set off bombs similar to the one Timothy McVeigh used in 1995 to kill 168 people in Oklahoma City. They planned to strike after the Nov. 8 election, investigators said.  CONTINUE READING

  1. #1 by elizabethharris001 on 10/16/2016 - 9:34

    This was a routine “terrorist plot” that was concocted, funded, and armed by the FBI.

    A Bureau informant had been arming these three stooges for months, urging them on, inflaming their hate, and promising them ammonium nitrate fertilizer to make truck bombs.

    The FBI intended to use these three stooges as patsies. However one of the stooges’ girlfriends blew the FBI caper by telling local cops about the weapons that had been surreptitiously furnished by the FBI.

    Although the FBI’s plot was foiled, the FBI rolled with it, claiming that “We stopped a terrorist plot!”

    The corporate media outlets are helping to legitimize this garbage, calling the three patsies a “militia.”

    There are 950 reader comments below the story. All readers believe the Washington Post’s lies, and many of them praise of the FBI.

    950 little mice, squeaking in tune.

  2. #2 by rehmat1 on 10/16/2016 - 9:34

    So two Christian Zionist pasties lead by STEIN the Jew became the good-old Crusades who killed 65,000 Muslims, 6,000 Jews and a few hundred Christians in Jerusalem city in 1099.

    Why they hate Somali people so much? For Good reason ….. they downed two US Black Hawks ….

    Remember 2001 PR movie Black Hawk Down – an American cover-up of its humiliation on October 3, 1993 raid on Somalia – leaving 18 US Special Force soldiers dead and two Black Hawk helicopters lost in a fight with local militia. This US fiasco hastened the withdrawal of 28,000-strong United Nations troops under American command were forced to withdraw from Somalia in 1994 – leaving more than 7,000 dead behind them.


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