SWEDEN – Swedish court allows the flying of ISIS flag


Sabba – No surprise here as ISIS is a judeo-western christian enterprise whose sole mission is to destroy the Islamic nations of the Middle East. Contrary to what most people believe, even within the so called truth movement, ISIS mission is first and foremost to slaughter the Arabs – Christian and Muslims alike -, empty the Levant to “prepare the biblically promised land for the jewsas a rabbi recently admitted. 

Remember that there are many jews among the Syrian refugees. We reported a story about some of them who ended up in Kentucky after having spent some time in Sweden. Why would some jews of Syria flee to Sweden and then the US when finding refuge in the jewish state would have been the easiest and safest option? What had they been up to while in Sweden?

Interestingly enough, the identity of the man is not disclosed as is usually the case whenever the accused is truly of Islamic background.  But let us assume that he is really Muslim, would a Swedish Court have allowed the flying of a Hezbollah flag? Or an ISIS flag with Israeli Secret Intelligence Service caption?

I do not think so.


THE INDEPENDENT – Flying the Isis flag in Sweden is not illegal and cannot be considered an incitement to racial hatred, according to a Swedish prosecutor.

A 23-year-old man from Laholm has avoided prosecution after he allegedly posted a picture of himself with the Isis flag as his Facebook profile photo.

The photo was reported to the police in March and the men was investigated for incitement to racial hatred. The man, originally from Syria, denied the charges.

He said he is not a supporter of Isis and claimed the flag has been used as a symbol of Islam for hundreds of years and then abused by Isis, his defence attorney Bjorn Nilsson told the Swedish newspaper Hallandsposten.

Prosecutor Gisela Sjövall took the decision not to prosecute, saying the issue was whether the Isis flag could be considered a hate symbol, in the same way the Nazi swastika could be considered an incitement to racial hatred.

Ms Sjövall said waving an Isis flag could not be considered hate speech, according toHallandsposten. Incitement to racial hatred was made an offence in Sweden to protect minority groups.

But waving the Isis flag “is not an expression of disrespect towards any ethnic group,” she said, because Isis is “against everyone except those who belong to Isis”.

Monochrome flags are an ancient tradition in ancient Eastern, Arabic and Islamic tradition.

The flag is also used by al-Shabab in Somalia and al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, among other terror groups.

Boris Johnson previously said the Isis flag should not be banned by law in Britain, because it is a “free country”.

Mr Johnson made the comment when he was Mayor of London: “I don’t like people carrying the Isis flag … I think a balance has got to be struck,” he said.

“We live in a free country and I think you’d have to have primary legislation to designate certain bits of iconography as being illegal. It would be quite difficult.”



  1. #1 by nooralhaqiqa on 10/16/2016 - 9:34

    FOOLS to continue to allow Wababbi terrorists gain stronger foothold in Europe. This is simply another step …. You move to a new country you should adapt that nation’s flag…. Shrugs.

    I read of this foolishness and … have almost stopped caring. These folks are just making their own problems worse… Que sera, sera.

  2. #2 by Sabba on 10/16/2016 - 9:34

    Yes, when you move to a new country, you should adapt to that nation’s flag
    Exactly as ALL westerners who live in Africa, Middle East, Asia do. And, believe it or not, they can even live there for generations and generations and yet, they will never ever adapt, adopt the citizenship of that black/brown/yellow country where they live, they will never adopt their customs, their names, let alone their flags.

    It is the West who has allowed wahhabism to flourish and expand beyond the borders of Arabia.
    Had the West left the Muslims deal with this heresy, none of us would even know what it is.
    But Britain came along, then the US and allowed it to grow: they even gave it Arabia to blossom peacefully before unleashing it upon the Muslim world.

    It is the West who have brought terrorism in the Middle East, it is the West who have created ISIS, who are nurturing it and have allowed it to create hell for the middle eastern people, who, prior to that, had never asked to move to Sweden or Canada or anywhere and especially not to a country which has 9 months of winter/year.

    It is the Western countries who did all that and much more while the Western people could not care less and who, deep down, whether consciously or subconsciously, are in fact quite pleased to see the Arabs-Muslims being wiped out.
    And then they come along and demand of these refugees allegiance to their flag.

    I see everywhere remarks such as yours, sometimes put in a much more vehement tone, I see anger from the westerners while I never see any such rage directed at their government who have caused all this. On the contrary, they always quick to plead not guilty: “It is not us, it is our corrupt government”.
    What are we gonna do about this?

    But the point of this story is not so much about the syrian guy whom we assume is Muslim but the swedish court itself.

    Leaving aside this syrian guy, the question we need to ask and answer is why is a western court allowing this flag to become mainstream?
    Why is Sweden, not this guy, why is Sweden allowing wahhabism to get a stronger foothold in European soil?

  3. #3 by nooralhaqiqa on 10/16/2016 - 9:34

    Gosh, thank you, Sabba, for pointing out just how ignorant I am. I never considered any of these factors before. Being a permissive person of “White Western privilege” I guess I just never thought about anything through the eyes of anyone else….

    Meanwhile, I have an idea you misinterpreted what I was saying. I was calling the Swedes fools…. for allowing the destruction of their own nation by such spinelessness.

  4. #4 by nooralhaqiqa on 10/16/2016 - 9:34

    One more thought. Might a vote towards a man who proposes conversation with Putin over outright war, who wants to bring about conversation rather than bombs, really a bad option for those victimized by war in those Eastern nations? He is all about ending was in Syria…. he names the criminals involved. Is that really NOT in the interests of everyone who lives in the region?

    So, is withholding your vote for your stated reasons still valid when that argument is extended internationally? Just a last thought….

  5. #5 by nooralhaqiqa on 10/16/2016 - 9:34

    OOOOps posted this one in the wrong comment section… sorry please don’t print it.

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