A year with Mr. Vladimir Putin, the President of Russia

"A year with the President of Russia"

YNET – Putin-themed 2017 calendars hit the shelves in Russia allowing fans to enjoy the president every day of the year.

January: “For Christmas I wish the Orthodox Christians joy, peace and success in their good deeds! This holiday brings us joy and raises our thoughts and feelings to happiness!” 



February: “It is important that parents devote their lives to their children, to give their children a part of their soul.” 



March: “My kitten and I loved each other instantly. I love animals and there is no doubt they feel it!” 



April: “I spent the day walking. I walked almost nine kilometers in the mountains and I still hurt all over!”



May: “It is our duty to cherish the memories of the fallen of the Great Patriotic War and to care for the warriors who survived.”



June: “Going on vacation in Russia should be something comfortable, interesting and inexpensive!” 



July: “Humanity would be interested to know that we have such natural treasures! I think people will come from all over the world!” 



August: “You cannot live without bread. It is right to say, bread is the source of life. That is how it was, how it is now, and certainly how it will always be.”



September: “The feeling is very interesting and the adrenaline is flowing! The birds were following me left and right, they are beautiful!” 



October: “To inspire people to love Russia. In this sentence there is the desire to discover the beauty and diversity, and to present it to the Russian people and the entire world.”



November: “The challenge is to create an army capable of guarding Russia’s sovereignty, its alliances and lasting peace.” 



December: “Dear friends! Soon we will have a new year. This magnificent point between the past and future is known to us since childhood. We wait for it with happiness, hope and excitement!”


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