Putin dismisses claims Moscow meddling in US elections


Charges that Kremlin-backed hackers infiltrated American political institutions are ‘hysteria,’ says Russian president

ed note–no disrespect to President Putin, but ‘hogwash’…

OF COURSE Russian intelligence services are ‘meddling’ in the US elections–THEY HAVE TO. They understand the stakes that are involved–a likely war with NATO that could go nuclear–and have a seriously vested interest in making sure that the same pedigree of maniacs who came to power in Russia in the early 20th century and murdered tens of millions don’t come to power in the US and attempt a repeat.

Nevertheless, despite our rejection of Putin’s statement, the world owes him a debt of gratitude for at least trying to prevent the coming Judaic Apocalypse and to save what is left of this damaged and dying world.

Times of Israel

Russia – President Vladimir Putin on Thursday slammed as “hysteria” claims that Russia has attempted to interfere in the upcoming US presidential elections by hacking American political institutions.

“The number of mythical, dreamed-up problems includes the hysteria — I can’t think of another word — that has broken out in the United States about the influence of Russia on the current elections for the US president,” Putin said at a Valdai Discussion Club meeting of political scientists in Sochi.

“Does anyone seriously think Russia can somehow influence the choice of the US people? Is the US some kind of banana republic? The United States is a great power. Please correct me if I’m wrong,” Putin said to laughter in the audience.

Washington last week formally accused the Russian government of trying to “interfere” in the 2016 White House race by hacking US political institutions, charges the Kremlin has repeatedly dismissed.

Putin has vehemently dismissed the accusations, saying they are meant to distract American voters from domestic problems.

“It’s a lot easier to distract people’s attention towards Russia’s so-called hackers, spies, agents of influence and so on,” Putin said Thursday.

Russian authorities have also slammed Washington for “unprecedented” threats after US Vice President Joe Biden told NBC this month that Putin would receive a “message” over the alleged hacking.

NBC later reported that the CIA was preparing a retaliatory cyber attack “designed to harass and embarrass the Kremlin leadership.”

Russia’s foreign ministry at the weekend said that an old version of its website had been attacked after a US hacker claimed he broke in and posted a mocking message.

Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said the incident could indicate that a US “cyber machine of destruction has started acting”.

The Kremlin was propelled to the heart of US politics in July after Hillary Clinton’s campaign blamed Moscow for a damaging leak of emails from the Democratic National Committee.

Russia has been accused of favoring Republican candidate Donald Trump — who has praised Putin and called for better relations with Moscow — over the more hawkish Clinton.

Russia’s relations with the United States have slumped to a post-Cold War nadir over the conflict in Ukraine and stalled efforts to end the Syrian war.

  1. #1 by PJ London on 10/28/2016 - 9:34

    Meddling ; interfere in something that is not one’s concern.

    “Russian intelligence services are ‘meddling’ ” ; there is absolutely no basis or evidence for your statement. Of course Russia has a stake in the outcome, as does every person on the planet, but how is that ‘Meddling”?
    The only thing that Russia can do is put information (or Propaganda) on RT.
    Which of course no self respecting patriotic American would watch.

  2. #2 by Isaac on 10/29/2016 - 9:34

    P J London “Which of course no self respecting patriotic American would watch” I am a US citizen and I love this country more than many so called “Patriotic people” who have sold this country to the Zionist cabal. I always watch RT and they tell you the truth contrary to the Jewish Controlled News Media who tells nothing but lies.

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