Saturday Alternative Cartoons: November 5, 2016



The elections. The elections. The elections. Then more on the Elections focusing on the Beastwoman. Drafting American Daughters comes under fire. So do Huma and her dear husband whose very name is synonymous with repulsive. An introduction to “Spirit Dinners”. A nod to the Standing Rock standoff which is being completely ignored by the JMSM while the general populace is distracted by other events.  Julian Assange and Wikileaks. A dash of Putin. Some general humour and ridiculous dancing cows.

It would be so nice to be able to say we will be glad when it is over, but somehow I don’t think things will be settling down for some time to come. According to the short video by Steve Pieczenhek up in the right, there are some very heavy things going on behind the curtains. His information seems too perfect to be true almost. The stain and stench of the Clintons is too permeated into the fabric of America for them to be dealt with quickly unless the puppet masters decide to do so. But then, what do I, or any of us, really know?

For a lot of cartoons carry on over to Saturday Alternative Cartoons: November 5, 2016

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