5 reasons the U.S. has already decided to go to war with Russia

ed note–a bit of clarifying is in order here regarding all the talk of a Clinton presidency and likely war with Russia.

It’s not necessarily that upon taking office her first day HRC is going to say ‘ok, let’s get the ball rolling here’ vis a vis a war with Russia. Rather, like her predecessor, George W. Bush, the Judaic powers-that-be have spent years studying her character flaws and proclivities and understand that she is the right chess piece to have on the chessboard in that she will function in the manner in which those hidden hands move her, given the right circumstances. As with GWB in 2001, 8 months after taking office, 9/11 took place and as a chesspiece on the Judaic chessboard, he moved in exactly the way they knew he could be moved when they engineered his candidacy.

And likewise with Clinton. Having sold her soul to the devil decades ago in her lust for power, she is incapable of functioning on a rational, moral level as human beings are inclined by their natures to do. Rather, like a rat trapped in a cage who can be lured this way and that based upon where the cheese happens to appear, she is the ultimate Terminator cyborg with a program that will not yield to those sensibilities to which the rest of us living in the Hotel Reality are susceptible.

This was the rationale behind the entire Trump phenomenon on the part of those powerful forces within the military, intelligence, and financial apparati of the US who understood the nature of the game being played and who–for reasons based solely in saving their own skins–are out to prevent the perfect storm that will inevitably arrive with a Clinton presidency.

At the same time however, those who have let their optimism get the best of them as a result of some of the promises made by Donald Trump during this campaign season need a reality check as well. Trump–if elected–will be stymied every step of the way by a Congress that is the plaything of organized Jewish interests, a media that will whip up public frenzy on a daily basis and an economic system that is totally controlled by individuals whose sole loyalty is to Israel. Unless he–in the aftermath of some major crisis–is granted dictatorial powers, there is nothing he can do except to give nightly addresses to the nation from the Oval Office.

In short, there is no getting out of this thing in one piece. The Titanic has struck the iceberg and at this time, the only question that remains is who will live through it and who won’t, because the fact of the matter is that there are not enough lifeboats to go around for everyone.

God help us all

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  1. #1 by mothman777 on 11/08/2016 - 9:34

    Well, I agree that Trump should be elected to save the world from the extremely likely nuclear war that will ensue, if ever nutcase Jew slave Hillary Clinton starts her policy of enforcing a no-fly-zone in Syria, shooting down Russian planes, obviously thereby starting a nuclear WWIII.

    Yes, Americans want it, if they don’t summon the guts to physically challenge a fake pro-Clinton result, which would really be through an almost subconscious brutish bullying tendency (Jewish company too long?) and an even more programmed more subconscious suicidal urge, embodied within Jewish-created and controlled Christianity. Maybe they think their fake Jesus will save them?

    And what of going against another, now Christian nation, called Russia. Paranoia much USA?

    Is fighting another Christian nation now a Christian thing to do? It is, it seems, if they allow themselves to be bent by Jewish design on their consciousness.

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