Analysis: Trump’s Triumph Is Bitter Pill for American Jews



If this was Russia or Poland a century or two ago, Jewish mothers would be telling their kids to stay off the streets for a while.

Chemi Shalev Nov 10, 2016 1:28 AM

In March 2016, I published a “nightmarish fantasy” about Donald Trump winning the elections after a campaign of escalating racism and anti-Semitic rhetoric, precipitating mass migration of liberal American Jews to Israel. I am not citing this article now as evidence of my foresight, but on the contrary, as proof that even scenarios that seem outlandish, ludicrous and completely unthinkable when they are concocted can turn out to be true. The first part of my imaginary projection is already history.
I don’t think the second part is about to follow suit, at least not yet. I don’t see thousands or even hundreds of Jews waiting in line at Israeli embassies and consulates clamoring to be allowed into Zion. It will take much more hostility towards Jews to even get them to consider the notion of leaving America. Even if they do, I am not sure that Israel would seem to be the most desired or even welcoming place on the planet for liberal Jews to move to. It certainly doesn’t act that way.
Nonetheless, make no mistake: the election of Donald Trump is a harsh blow for many American Jews, a bitter pill for them to swallow. It’s no coincidence that Jewish Americans gave Trump only 25% of their vote, five percent less than Mitt Romney, despite the growth of Orthodox Jewry, where he enjoys more support, despite his supposedly warmer support for Israel and notwithstanding the sizeable chunks in the community that identify with Trump’s business success and financial outlook. Trump, Jews can sense instinctively, is not our guy.

More than Trump’s slightly-less-than-isolated incidents and disturbing slips of tongue – from the little guys with yarmulkes who count his money to the international cabal of global financiers out to take over America – it is the baggage that Trump brings with him that is bound to disturb and even frighten American Jews. Even if he hadn’t displayed shocking tolerance for the Jew haters sprouting under his wings or supposedly speaking in his name, when neo-Nazis jump for joy, Ku Klux Klansmen celebrate redemption and garden variety anti-Semites declare that their time has come, Jews have valid historical reasons to get concerned. If this were a century or two ago in Poland or Russia, Jewish mothers would be telling their children to stay off the streets for a while.
And it’s not only anti-Semites who are prominent on Trump’s bandwagon that Jews will find unsettling. Even though Trump himself may not be the archconservative ideologue that some of his followers are pining for, he was enthusiastically embraced by the most fanatical abortion-opposing, civil-rights-disdaining, gay-marriage-abhorring, fusion-of-church-and-state-crusading right-wingers in America. 81% of Evangelicals, whom Jews are not enamored with despite their warm support for Israel, stood up for Trump, according to exit polls, despite his proven history of adultery, wife-swapping and grabbing women by their you-know-what. Thus, Trump’s victory does not only embolden haters who threaten the Jewish community directly, it empowers the most forceful advocates of the values that Jews have traditionally opposed.
Among white Americans who identify with a religion, Jews are consistently the most secular and the most liberal group, supporting liberal agendas in far greater numbers than all others. Despite the right wing propaganda that tried to tar both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton as enemies of Israel, both are among the Jewish community’s most admired politicians. Their repudiation and humiliation in Tuesday’s election is a blow for Jews, both personally and ideologically.

And even if Trump had not skirted perilously close to peddling anti-Semitic stereotypes, even if he had not refrained from distancing himself sufficiently from the haters under his wings, Jews know full well that they are often the epitome and the stereotypes that many of Trump’s establishment-defying, elites-hating admirers are thinking of when they vent. Whether it’s New York values, east coast snobs, secular fanatics, Hollywood moguls, media titans, Wall Street fat cats, hi-tech billionaires, Saul Alinsky organizers, gay rights activists, black power lawyers, blood sucking bankers, civil rights panderers, church-hating intellectuals, knee jerk academics or any other group that so many of Trump’s supporters detest, their image of Jews is never far from the surface, consciously or not.
An America that is ruled by a partnership of the uncouth Donald Trump, fundamentalist crusaders and what may seem to many Jews as potential torch-bearing mobs, is the antithesis of the America that Jews admire and even worship. An America that disdains pluralism, despises immigration, opposes free trade, curtails voting rights and yearns for days when white people ruled supreme is an America in which Jews are bound to feel decidedly less comfortable than the one they thought they lived in only a few days ago.
President-elect Trump can go a long way to allaying their fears, though he hasn’t shown any inclination to do so until now and may be even less enthusiastic given the meager support he enjoyed from the Jews in the elections. If he doesn’t, if Washington is taken over by the kind of reactionary axis that Jews fear and loathe, well then, the second part of my article from eight months ago might turn out be grounded in reality as well.
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  1. #1 by Colin on 11/10/2016 - 9:34

    What does it matter what a certain group of indoctrinated American Jews think. Trump can move in and rearrange some furniture but make no mistake on who owns the house.

  2. #2 by cosmicalarmclock on 11/10/2016 - 9:34

    From RED ALERT: THEY ARE PROBABLY STILL TRYING TO STEAL THE ELECTION This is a LONG SHOT but we had better pay attention: SUMMARY: They may be trying to steal Arizona and Michigan, and then use special powers to flip 9 electoral votes away from Trump. THERE IS A REASON WHY THEY HAVE REFUSED TO MAKE THEIR TOTALS OFFICIAL. *THIS IS NOT OVER YET*

    Trump won Arizona. Why has it not been made official? Trump won Michigan. Why has it not been made official? They are calling the counts “unofficial,” WHY? *This could be the answer:*

    *The following was posted to a popular forum:*

    I am writing this not to alarm, but to inform. I believe the Cabal is going to attempt to steal the election, and I’ll describe how they plan to do it below. With this information I believe we need to bring our force to bear, and prevent what the Cabal is planning. I’ve included information below that details actions that you can take to help stop them.

    There are currently 3 states that have not declared a winner of the presidential election. The states are Arizona, Michigan, and New Hampshire.

    *I’ve done some digging. On the Guardian’s electoral map, checking each precinct, in each state, all precincts are completely reported. There is nothing, therefore, from stopping the officials in those states from declaring a winner.*

    Looking at other sources of information, however, and we get different results. For Arizona, shows that 2 precincts are NOT reported. There are 1467 precincts reporting out of 1469. Which is correct? Why hasn’t the Secretary of State declared a winner?

    *For Michigan, it appears that all precincts have reported, but still, no winner has been declared.* You can go to the NY Times interactive map, and see that they are listing the Trump victory chance at 92%, aka likely… not even very likely.

    And same thing for New Hampshire, 100% of precincts reporting. Still not called.

    *HERE IS THEIR PLAN – The Cabal plans to either delay these states then force recounts and find “missing ballots” and switch all of these states to Hillary. That won’t make a big splash in the news because Trump has already won the election.*

    BUT THEN – This leaves Trump up by only 9 electoral votes. And they have already created the notion that TRUMP LOST THE POPULAR VOTE – SO… a majority of Americans wanted Hillary. They will force 9 (going to House, Ryan selects Hillary) or 10 Electors to switch their votes to Hillary (bribes, or the popular vote was for Hillary, threat of death – maybe photos of the other people Hillary has killed).

    AND THEN – Hillary is declared as President. The media will say this is shocking, but it is only fair as she “did win the popular vote”.

    SO, what to do? One, we need this thread pinned. Then we need to start spreading this news so people are aware of this, so this is not surprising when they execute their plans. Then, people need to contact the offices of the Secretary of State below, and find out information about why the Secretaries haven’t declared a winner. We need these state to declare a winner. Trump will go up by 27 electoral votes, and it would be too difficult to force 36 Electors to flip their votes to Hillary.

    *We’ve been celebrating, relaxing, appreciating a rest from the exhaustion of this election. BUT IT IS NOT OVER. Let’s do our duty and force this issue now. We cannot let them steal this election. We have won… but it ISN’T OFFICIAL YET.*

    * GET TO WORK.*

    Office of the Secretary of State of Arizona 602-542-8683 1-877-THE VOTE [link to (secure)

    Office of the Secretary of State of Michigan 888-SOS-MICH; 888-767-6424

    Office of the Secretary of State of New Hampshire Phone: 603-271-3242 Fax: 603-271-6316


    There is no conceivable way these states have not reported yet unless they are casting ballots to do the final rig and STEAL THIS ELECTION NOW.

    On Thu, Nov 10, 2016 at 2:42 PM, The Ugly Truth wrote:

    > trevorlabonte posted: ” Haaretz If this was Russia or Poland a century or > two ago, Jewish mothers would be telling their kids to stay off the streets > for a while. Chemi Shalev Nov 10, 2016 1:28 AM In March 2016, I published a > “nightmarish fantasy” about Donald Trump winning ” >

  3. #3 by Frederick on 11/10/2016 - 9:34

    LOL! 95% of American jews would NEVER move to Israel, unfortunately. More Israelis are moving here! Only the most radical jew racists & supremacists move to Israel. Some have moved there, only to discover how bad it sucks and what ass-wipes Israelis are, so return to the US.

    I once worked for a tough NY jew. As hard-nosed a businessman as he was, he FEARED Israelis. Funny. He dreaded them. He looked upon Israelis like a gentile looks upon a NY jew.

  4. #4 by Tapp on 11/10/2016 - 9:34

    The majority if jews will not move to Israel. No matter what. They are trying to move here. Wrong.

  5. #5 by Frederick on 11/11/2016 - 9:34

    Wrong?? No, Right. More jews are moving out of Israel than moving in. Fact.

  6. #6 by Joanna Kurowska on 03/21/2017 - 9:34

    The intro statement to this article, “if it was Russia or Poland a century or two ago” immediately defeats whatever sensible insight the article itself may be trying to bring. First, antisemitism was a widespread European (and beyond Europe) phenomenon, viz. the infamous Dreyfus affair in 19th century France or the fact that the cradle of the Nazi movement was neither Russia nor Poland but Germany. Secondly, “two centuries ago” Poland did not exist on the map of Europe, being partitioned by Russia, Germany, and Austria; from 1795 to 1918. Thirdly, the modern nationalistic movement emerged in the SECOND half of the nineteenth century, to a large extent as a result of the colonial and territorial competition between the contemporary powers. So modern political antisemitism simply did not exist “two centuries ago. It is enough to read a little of the literature of the period, to verify this.

    In short, the initial subtitle to the above article is false and misleading. Its implied ignorance reflects badly on whoever wrote and published it.

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